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The first security module from LEGIC that runs your applications

Experience a new level of programmability and application protection with the LEGIC SM-6310 Security Module. As an integral part of the LEGIC Security Platform, the module now makes embedded Secure Element technology available not only for the management of your cryptographic keys, but also for the…

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Distribute your Firmware Over-the-Air

The firmware update OS50 V1.6 allows all 6000 series security modules to receive firmware updates over-the-air via LEGIC Orbit Versatile Configuration Packages (VCP), in addition to the existing updates via host interface.

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Easy migration from mechanical locks to smartphone-based access

The LEGIC Security Platform demonstrates how an existing and widespread mechanical door lock standard can be upgraded to the latest, smartphone-based access technology in no time at all!


Vier Design Prinzipien für erfolgreiche Mobility Services

Technischer Fortschritt und gesellschaftlicher Wandel verändern Geschäftsmodelle konstant. So steigen besonders die Anforderungen an Mobilitätsanbieter und deren Infrastruktur stark an. Um diesen gerecht zu werden, hat LEGIC vier Design Prinzipien entwickelt.

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Information about ISC West 2020

As you have probably heard by now, the ISC West 2020 has been postponed to July because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Of course, we will be participating in July as well, but we regret not being able to welcome you at our booth sooner. In the meantime, John Harvey and Joey Yanire are happy to answer…

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Visit LEGIC at ISC West

During March 18th – 20th, 2020, LEGIC will be exhibiting at ISC West in Las Vegas, the largest security exhibition in the USA. We cordially invite you to visit our booth #30089 to discover how the LEGIC Security Platform can make your access and smart city projects user-friendly and secure.

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FATH Mechatronics GmbH joins the LEGIC ID Network

In addition to the distribution of industrial hardware, FATH Mechatronics now offers TANlock, a high-security electronic lock system for server cabinets and access control systems.

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Success Story: LEGIC joins forces with ZIGPOS for Ultra-Wideband RTLS positioning and identification

In many business and industrial processes, objects such as production orders, containers, components, machines and finished packaged goods must be securely transported by authorized persons or robots from location A to location B. Ensuring that this process is successfully executed at the right…

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Inductance Formula for Rectangular Planar Spiral Inductors with Rectangular Conductor Cross Section

This paper derives a formula for rectangular planar spiral coils with an aspect ratio of up to 4.0 and having a crosssectional aspect ratio of height to width not exceeding unity.

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ZIGPOS integrates LEGIC Security Platform in their UWB RTLS solution

The innovative Dresden-based RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) company ZIGPOS (www.zigpos.com) provides highly accurate positioning technology for IoT applications. ZIGPOS systems are designed for tracking large numbers of tagged objects via an extremely simple set up procedure that can be easily…