Enabling secure contactless RFID applications

A unique, integrated security and authorization management solution which gives you complete sovereignty and control over your smartcard deployment. Flexible and adaptable to changing corporate structures and requirements. Does not rely on shared secrets such as volatile passwords.

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Top features

  • Security
    High security due to invisible physical token – no volatile passwords or human-readable secrets

  • Assignment
    Simple and secure assignment of rights

  • Applications
    Free combination and administration of applications

  • Add or remove application
    Add or remove application any time in the field

  • Suppliers
    Supports interoperability and independence from suppliers

  • One card
    Multiple applications on one card

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LEGIC Master-Token System-Control (MTSC)

Own your own security

LEGIC’s Master-Token System-Control (MTSC) is the key for simple and secure management of contactless smartcard applications. As an integrable part of the LEGIC security platform, MTSC gives you full control over your system security. The possession of a unique, invisible and uncopiable physical token results in the highest security for the system owner, with no external dependencies.

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Product Information

Instead of securing administrative rights in an ID system with volatile passwords, the security with MTSC is linked to an uncopiable physical smartcard, the Master-Token. No personal data is stored on this special smartcard. It gives the system owner complete authority over an installation while preserving independence. The Master-Token can be stored securely, transferred to trusted people as well a withdrawn again at any time. Only the Master-Token enables the authorization of readers and the creation of identification media and further Sub-Master-Tokens.