Enabling secure and trusted interactions between people and things

LEGIC’s Security Platform enables your IIoT apps to authenticate devices and users and manage their credentials, while monitoring and auditing their operation and usage.

Don't just manage things

Manage how people use things.

The number of devices and machines connected to the internet has already exceed the number of human connections. This global market for Internet of Things (IoT) technology will reach $6.2 trillion by 2025. Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications are the main driver for this trend.

At LEGIC, we believe that designing IIoT apps goes beyond just managing “Things”. Managing the relationship between people and things such as machines, company assets, sensitive data, tools and vehicles is what creates the most value for people, businesses and organizations.

As a leader in contactless smartcard and smartphone authentication, credential management services and secure ICs, LEGIC enables developers of IIoT applications to authenticate users and manage how they interact with machines and assets. This allows them to work together in the most efficient, secure and profitable way.

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;ISJ Article: Security by Design


Industrial IoT Use Case: Ultra-wideband RTLS positioning

Ultra-wideband RTLS positioning

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Any application

With the LEGIC security platform, combine and manage applications in line with your needs. Up to 127 applications can be stored securely on a smartcard, NFC smartphone or credit card. The system can also be subsequently extended and individual requirements implemented.

Here is a selection of the most commonly used applications based on LEGIC products and services:

Industry 4.0

We help IIoT app developers to securely connect people, products, machines and vendors to optimize manufacturing, allocate resources, increase security and lower costs. 


Our credential management technology enables personalized access to a wide range of IIoT healthcare applications such as permissioned access to physical areas, diagnostic tools, medical and administrative data.


With the ability to authenticate, configure and monitor interactions between people and logistics chains, our technology enforces adherence to correct processes, ensuring fast and secure delivery of goods. 

Smart Retail

Smartphone-based retail services are the future of mobile shopping. Matching products and shops with mobile consumers depends on Bluetooth® communications, customer profiling and secure authentication of shoppers
on the go.

Resource sharing

Unused value is wasted value. Powered by our IIoT technology, we enable you to design systems that allow people to securely share valuable assets such as vehicles, real estate, tools, machines, computing and IT resources. 

Smart Buildings

Our technology enables autonomous permissioned control of a building’s operations in response to specific occupant needs - climate control, ventilation, lighting, security, entry control and resource access management. 

Smart Home

LEGIC’s ICs and software enables secure, autonomous entry control to homes and rooms, as well as personalized management of environmental and security conditions based on personal credentials. 

Smart City

By mid-century, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Matching mobility, access, e-payment, information and social inclusion services to individual preferences depends on secure credential management. This is where we excel. 

LEGIC's Security Platform enables:

  • IoT device registration and authentication based on Hardware Root of Trust and symmetrical encryption

  • IoT device access based on autonomous smartcard / smartphone and multifactor authentication

  • Secure provisioning of applications: Who can use what, when and where based on personal credentials

  • Collection of usage-based data: Who used what for how long and where

  • Scalable user authentication: PIN, Two-Factor Authentication, biometrics

  • High-security storage and processing based on certified Secure Element (EAL5+)

  • Programmable secure environment (EAL5+) for hosting your embedded IIoT apps

  • Low-power online/offline capability, ideal for battery-powered and offline apps

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