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Partner categories

As a member of the exclusive LEGIC ID Network, you benefit from innovative products, services and support. As an end-customer, LEGIC's goal is to help you realize secure, high quality solutions. Regardless of your application, we can put you in touch with experienced Partners who are happy to lend you their extensive expertise:

Manufacturers of readers and ID media

Reader manufacturers develop and produce readers as well as associated application software. ID media manufacturers develop and produce identification media (credentials) based on transponders such as cards and key fobs.

System integrators

System integrators advise end-users in the design of their systems and combine the individual components such as readers, identification media and software in a comprehensive system. They are often the first contact person for end-users.

Consultants and agents

Consultants and agents are specialized in designing and implementing applications based on LEGIC hardware, software and trusted services. They lend you their experience and can also suggest the most suitable system integrators from the LEGIC ID Network.


Operators are companies and institutions which operate access and security systems for buildings and facilities. Though not necessary to do so, the independence of these system suppliers through ownership of their own key and authorization management systems (LEGIC MTSC or  LEGIC Connect) convince many customers to enter into a partnership.

Three simple steps

Your path to the LEGIC ID Network


Become familiar with the basics of LEGIC products and services and get to know our company.

Get a detailed overview from our website and our brochures. At your request, a technical instructor will familiarize you with the most important features and possibilities offered by LEGIC hardware, software and services.

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.


Sign a non-disclosure agreement.

You will then gain access to detailed information about the LEGIC Security Platform and our development tools. Take part in a LEGIC seminar to complete the picture.

With this basic information you can decide whether LEGIC products and services meet your requirements.

Become a Partner

After signing a license agreement, you will become an official member of the LEGIC ID Network.

As a new partner, you have access to all documentation and you can benefit from customer-specific training. Within the framework of our partner support, we will actively assist you in developing your solutions and migration scenarios, as well as help market your products and services based on LEGIC hardware and software.

As part of a large network, you will benefit from our know-how as well as the expertise of over 300 partners in the LEGIC ID Network.