Enabling secure public administration

LEGIC Master-Token System-Control is a unique security concept, which links all administrative rights to a physical smartcard. In addition, you can use the latest encryption technologies in your system.

LEGIC Master-Token System-Control

High level of security

Thanks to LEGIC security platform, in accordance with high security standards, ID card administration is simplified and standardized. At the same time, further elements such as time & attendance, access to IT systems, signature and certification functions for eGovernment and official passes can be easily integrated into a complete electronic system.

Within the framework of Common Criteria EAL4+ security certification, LEGIC’s structures and processes have been verified to ensure they are appropriate for the development and distribution of products with high security requirements.

  • Full control and security of your smartcard application

  • Specific assignment of rights to encode smartcards and configure readers

  • Unique and full traceability

Independence and control

In a fast-moving environment, it is important to be able to make adjustments to systems easily and independently. The LEGIC security platform gives you independent control and sovereignty over your system. With the Master-Token System Control, your system’s security is in your hands.

Consequent flexibility on any medium

  • Different applications such as access control, time & attendance or access to IT systems can be easily combined on one ID.

  • Your system can also be extended to include a new application at any time.

  • In addition, the LEGIC security platform complies with all RF standards and with third-party technologies like MIFARE.

  • You are free to choose your identification medium;

  • this could be a smartcard, credit card or smartphone.

  • Mixed infrastructures are also possible.

Any application

With the LEGIC security platform, combine and manage applications in line with your needs. Up to 127 applications can be stored securely on a smartcard, NFC smartphone or credit card. The system can also be subsequently extended and individual requirements implemented.

Here is a selection of the most commonly used applications based on LEGIC products and services:

Access Control

Adjust the security standard to the relevant business sector and select your identification media and suppliers.


The secure and convenient alternative to cash payment. Choose your payment model.

Time & Attendance

Optimal additions of other applications. Data is protected according to the latest standards.

Follow-me printing

Save costs with centralized control of your printing environment and boost convenience and document security.


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