Issuing mobile credentials has never been easier

LEGIC Connect Go is an award-winning software service that integrates mobile credentialing quickly and easily into existing business models.

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Top features

  • Credential service
    Cloud-based credential service

  • Distribution service
    Highly available 24/7 distribution service backend included – no need for your own

  • Encryption
    End-to-end encryption

  • Your needs
    Scalable to your needs

  • UI or API
    Simple Operation via UI or API

  • Functionality
    Offline functionality

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LEGIC Connect Go

Mobile Credentialing made accessible to everyone

Designed to make the world of mobile credentials available to everyone, LEGIC Connect Go is an award-winning software service that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. While relying on the same standards and security levels as LEGIC Connect, the value proposition of LEGIC Connect Go is refined to focus on the quick and easy deployment of your trusted services. Be it for residential or office access control, rental scooters, storage lockers for hospital staff, or virtual mobile keys for shared vehicles, LEGIC Connect Go enables your mobile app to allow users to register for and use shared resources quickly, easily, and round-the-clock based on pre-configured credentials.

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Product Information

Create mobile credentials up-front and make them available for download
LEGIC Connect Go allows you to provide credentials easily and quickly to smartphones without the need to know service users in advance. After creating the credentials up-front with a simple local application, LEGIC Connect Go takes care of the rest by integrating a highly available distribution service that allows authorized users to download credentials onto their smartphone anytime and on-demand. You do not have to build or operate an always-online management system.

Easily extend smartcard solutions
With LEGIC Connect Go, the up-front creation of credentials matches pre-existing processes and value chains of smartcard-based business models. This allows your proven smartcard solutions to go mobile with reasonable effort, enabling a whole new world of opportunities. 

Quick start into the mobile world
With the distribution service included, your solution design can be simpler and cheaper to build and operate and yet highly available at the same time. Additional features can be added as your business grows by upgrading to the highly versatile LEGIC Connect, as all setup for LEGIC Connect Go is based on the LEGIC Connect service architecture.

Fully integrated in the LEGIC Security Platform
As a software service within the LEGIC Security Platform, LEGIC Connect Go is based on the LEGIC neon technology standard and fully compatible with LEGIC Security Modules. This guarantees reliable connectivity with end-to-end encryption for your mobile solution.

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