Scale your system security according to your compliance requirements

LEGIC Orbit is a next generation secure key and configuration management solution that allows you to centrally generate, securely distribute and use your application’s most sensitive data.

Top features

  • Key management
    Cloud-based key management

  • Infrastructure
    Based on HSM infrastructure

  • Distribution channels
    Secure distribution channels

  • LEGIC Connect
    Fully integrated in LEGIC Connect

  • Your needs
    Scalable to your needs

  • UI or API
    Full system control via UI or API

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Manage cryptographic keys and sensitive configuration from the cloud

In order to manage and control high security applications, key and configuration management is a core task. With “security by design” in mind, LEGIC has focused on putting its customers in charge of their own security for over 30 years. With the next generation key and configuration management service LEGIC Orbit, we enable the highest level of system security for your trusted services.

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Product Information

Centrally manage cryptographic keys
The cloud-based key and configuration management service can be integrated in your solution and is controlled via API or UI. It allows you to randomly generate, distribute as well as destroy cryptographic keys and is scalable to your needs. 

Hardware protection of cloud with HSM
Based on certified hardware security modules that are operated geo-redundantly as well as exclusively within Swiss jurisdiction, your most sensitive data is well protected without compromising availability. 

Secure distribution of symmetric encryption keys
LEGIC Orbit delivers flexible and secure distribution of symmetrical keys and sensitive configuration data from a trusted cloud service to embedded devices anywhere in the field. This unique architecture supports either distribution via backend or mobile configuration app, effectively turning every smartphone into a universal configuration tool that conforms to your security requirements.

Fully integrated in the LEGIC Security Platform
The LEGIC Security Platform consists of seamlessly interoperable components that enable secure interactions between people and things. Mobile Credentialing using LEGIC Connect or LEGIC Connect Go benefits from the security of integrated LEGIC Orbit key management. LEGIC Security Modules have built-in Secure Element to ensure invulnerable security configurations at the network edge. This guarantees end-to-end secure interaction between your management system, your mobile users and ultimately your valuable infrastructure. 

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