Combining long reading distance, good transaction speed and high security

Advant as chip are classic memory smartcard ICs for smartcards (badges), key fobs, keys and other identification media.

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Top features

  • RFID standards
    Supports popular RFID standards for application in smartcards, watches, tags, and key rings.

  • MTSC
    Compatible with LEGIC Master-Token System-Control (MTSC)

  • Security
    High security with long communication range.

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Multi-purpose RFID ICs

LEGIC’s family of smartcard ICs are used in a variety of RFID identification media. They support applications such as access control, time & attendance and cashless payment which  can also be combined with third-party applications on the same IC. LEGIC also offers transponder applets as "virtualized" chips, which can be stored on media such as credit cards or PKI smartcards.


Product Information

LEGIC Security Platform
LEGIC smartcard ICs are supported by the LEGIC end-to-end Security Platform which includes the key and authorization management tool LEGIC Master-Token System-Control (MTSC) which enables simple and secure smartcard deployment. Thanks to the versatile and seamless interoperation of these components, a wide range of applications requiring user authentication and credentialing via smartcards and other RFID media can be realized quickly and easily. 

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The smartcard ICs at a glance

  ATC4096-MP311 ATC4096-MP313 CTC4096-MM410 ATC256-MV410 MIM256-MN / MIM1024-MN (legacy)
RF Standard
ISO 14443 A

ISO 14443 A

ISO 14443 A
ISO 15693

ISO 15693
Memory size (byte) 4096 advant 4096 / DESFire EV3 3520 advant 2984 / prime 1002 224 234 / 1002
Range up to 8 cm up to 10 cm up to 10/20 cm* up to 20 cm up to 20 cm
Key management (by application) MTSC MTSC / LEGIC Key Service MTSC MTSC MTSC
Data transfer encryption 3DES 3DES / AES-128 AES-128
Grain128a proprietary
Data storage encryption AES (128/256 Bit), 3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption AES (128/256 Bit), 3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption AES (128/256 Bit), 3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption AES (128/256 Bit), 3DES, LEGIC encryption proprietary
Maximum number of applications 127 127 + (n x DESFire AID) 127 12 32 / 127
Baud rate (kbit/s) Up to 424 Up to 424 Up to 424/26.48* up to 26.48 Up to 12.5
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*Depending on the RF standard