Alert Enterprise and LEGIC: delivering the convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness  of NFC Wallets

Introducing a Smoother Way to Access Your World with Alert Enterprise and LEGIC

Alert Enterprise proudly partners with LEGIC to enable a world where convenience meets security via smartphone wallets.

To help modernize access control for corporations globally, Fremont, California-based Alert Enterprise has joined the LEGIC Partner Network. By leveraging the combined technologies of both companies, Alert Enterprise enhances how company employees interact with their workspaces, bringing ease and security to the palm of their hands, all via NFC Wallet-based mobile credentials.

Seamless integration, effortless access

The heart of the partnership lies in the synergy between Alert Enterprise's Guardian mobile credential based access management platform and LEGIC's state-of-the-art authentication and mobile credentialing service LEGIC Connect. This powerful combination offers a high level of convenience and security, transforming the way employees access corporate spaces and resources. With NFC Wallet-based mobile credentials, users can simply hold their smartphone or smartwatch up to a LEGIC-based reader to perform tasks from unlocking office doors and securely printing documents, to accessing vending machines and much more – eliminating the added step of opening an app or fumbling to find a physical employee badge.

“The collaboration with LEGIC not only marks a significant milestone in access management but also sets a new standard for a more connected, secure, and convenient world. With Alert Enterprise and LEGIC, the future of corporate access is here, and it's more seamless than ever. Join us as we unlock the doors to innovation, one tap at a time,” said Shane Butler, VP of Global Sales, Alert Enterprise.

“With Alert Enterprise’s Guardian running seamlessly over the LEGIC’s mobile credentialing service, all the benefits and convenience of access based on smartphone wallets are securely realized: biometric user authentication, low-power operation, and single-handed access without having to wake up your phone or find a dedicated app. This is the future of access, realized today,” said John Harvey, Head of Business Unit Access Control at LEGIC.

Guardian Platform: Centralizing Control and Security
At the core of the innovative solution is the Alert Enterprise Guardian platform, designed to seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of mobile credentials. By connecting key IT systems like Single Sign-On (SSO) and HR software with NFC Wallet - based access credentials, LEGIC-based readers, and Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), Guardian ensures that managing NFC mobile wallet credentials is streamlined and efficient.

Guardian ensures that security teams can deliver the most secure and convenient front-end experience while maintaining total back-end control. The Guardian enables better automation, smarter data, and all-around stronger governance. It's about simplifying the complex, making life easier for both security teams and employees.

For more details about the Alert Enterprise Guardian mobile credential based access management service, watch the video or visit

For more details about LEGIC Connect, visit

About Alert Enterprise
At Alert Enterprise, digital identity and trust are at the center of everything we do and core to our Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solutions. We go to work each day with the mission to help organizations solve critical business and security challenges. We address those challenges by taking a universal digital identity for people and things, extending it across an entire enterprise in a secure, intelligent and efficient way.

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