Sensry and LEGIC partner to accelerate time-to-market for high-security IoT sensor applications based on LEGIC Connect

The new NextGenXDK multi-sensor IoT device combines highly integrated sensor-hardware from Sensry with secure, established mobile access control technology from LEGIC

November 23, 2023 – Germany-based Sensry and Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems have collaborated to create the NextGenXDK multi-sensor device, a groundbreaking solution that empowers rapid implementation for a wide array of IoT applications requiring secure and managed sensor access and end-to-end data security.

Working out-of-the-box, the multi-sensor device combines up to 20 sensor outputs with secure mobile access control technology from LEGIC. It lets you quickly create highly secure, permission based IoT sensor deployments managed by standard iOS or Android devices. NextGenXDK fully integrates with the LEGIC Connect mobile security platform enabling system operators to create, distribute and revoke mobile access credentials as well as securely monitor and configure sensors and IoT devices over-the-air. The solution works both on- and offline.

“Obtaining reliable Industrial IoT data depends on linking verified users with trusted sensors and objects so that their interactions are authorized and accountable”, says Dirk Behrens, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sensry, “Our secure NextGenXDK multi-sensor device is ideal for business critical IoT monitoring applications in logistics, power generation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, government, transportation, aviation, and high-security access control.”

Versatility is at the core of the NextGenXDK's design which monitors 20 different measurands derived from integrated accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, humidity/temperature/pressure, acoustic noise, vibration, air quality and light sensors. It includes a wide array of encrypted communication options including WiFi, Bluetooth® Low Energy, ZigBee, Thread, Matter, USB, NFC, and diverse serial interfaces such as RS485 / Modbus.

To withstand industrial environments, the NextGenXDK boasts a ruggedized design including a robust, water-resistant enclosure and an industry standard M8 connector. This ensures reliability in even the most challenging environments. Customers are empowered to extend the product's capabilities through customizable RTOS firmware and the optionally provided SDK, enabling tailor-made solutions adapted to specific project requirements. After prototype completion of the envisioned solution, purpose-built sensor modules with only required functionalities, thus size and cost optimized, can be mass produced by Sensry.

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About Sensry
Sensry supports their customers with highly integrated platforms for multi-sensor nodes. The company develops highly integrated and highly modular systems comprised of sensors, powerful computing and control units and communication interfaces. The system components are based on the latest technologies and manufactured in cooperation with market leaders for volume production and are supported by Sensry with software development kits (SDK). Sensry was established in November 2018 in Dresden, Germany, the largest microelectronics center in Europe and number five in the world. Sensry has development collaborations with several Fraunhofer institutes as well as strategic partnerships with GlobalFoundries and MST Group to ensure 100% production within Europe.

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Head Sales and Marketing
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Product Manager
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