Multi-frequency RFID reader series “Spider”

Give seamless authentication capabilities to any device via smartcard, tag, or mobile app.

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Focus is on the highest level of security and compatibility

Netherlands-based inepro, a supplier and developer of innovative RFID solutions, has collaborated with LEGIC Identsystems, a provider of trusted services and secure, contactless semiconductors, to create their latest high-security RFID reader series: Spider. The result is an RFID reader that can be easily integrated into any device to provide instant access security while supporting over 180 LF and HF wireless technologies (125 kHz, 13.56 MHz & 2.4 GHz), including NFC and Bluetooth® Low Energy.

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Designed for fast integration in security-critical applications

inepro’s Spider RFID reader series is integrated with LEGIC 6000 series Security Modules which come in a compact size (8 x 8 mm) and have built-in secure element technology, encrypted interfaces, contactless communications, and low power consumption. The Spider range provides a versatile, cost-efficient, and easy-to-add security solution that’s the future of authentication.

Because of its various sizes, the Spider RFID series is compatible with any device that requires users to authenticate themselves:

  • The Spider Core – the smallest in size – can be integrated into compact devices.
  • The Spider Desktop is meant for authentication at secured computers and payments at cash registers.
  • The Spider Desktop MFP can be mounted on the side of multifunctional printers.
  • The Spider Pocket can be seamlessly integrated into printers or lockers.

inepro’s RFID Spider series offer compatibility, flexibility, and quality

Users have the flexibility to use a smartcard or RFID tag to authenticate themselves, or use a mobile phone app. Additionally, configurations, and updates can be remotely provisioned via wired interface or Bluetooth.

“Because inepro develops both hardware and software, the company works in product teams where Focus is key. We have dedicated teams per product, including an RFID Solutions team focusing entirely on inepro’s RFID readers. Our clients get the attention and customer service they deserve,” Edwin Kooijman explains.

To learn more about the inepro Spider RFID reader series, visit this link or send your questions to

About inepro
For more than 25 years, inepro has been providing successful, modular solutions for authentication, payment, document accounting and telemetry in many different sectors. With 85+ people located in 8 countries, we work passionately together with our partners to come up with the best solutions. Every challenge is manageable for us.

“The astounding quality LEGIC provides with its 6000 series perfectly matches the standards we strive for at inepro. When selecting the components for our Spider RFID reader series, we specifically chose LEGIC for their security level. We were looking to create a product range that fulfils high-security requirements while offering physical and technical compatibility and flexibility our customers look for.” 

Edwin Kooijman, Senior International Account Executive RFID Solutions at inepro B.V.

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