LEGIC and phg celebrate thirty years of collaboration

Long-term partnership benefits system integrators with high-end OEM security and identification products

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Long-term collaboration benefits both phg and LEGIC

Deisslingen-based phg, originally founded as “Peter Hengstler GmbH” in 1974, is a family-run enterprise in the south of Germany that specializes in customized, secure data and connection technology which is provided to renowned system integrators throughout Germany and Europe.

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Highest level of performance serves the security and identification industries

With over 300 employees, phg’s data division offers a broad portfolio of OEM components for access control, time and attendance, parking, accounting, and authorization systems. Their contact- and touchless OEM read and write/read devices deliver the highest levels of performance to the security and identification industries, the result of an intensive 30-year partnership with Switzerland-based LEGIC Identsystems.

Achieving goals that were only possible to reach together

Leveraging virtually all short-range RF technologies including RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy, phg readers provide compatibility with the latest smartcard technologies including LEGIC advant, NXP MIFARE® DESFire®, Sony FeliCa, and Inside Secure. Together with LEGIC, phg is now entering the mobile access markets based on iOS and Android smartphone wallets, a capability enabled by LEGIC’s end-to-end Security Platform.

“phg is a classic example of how a long-term collaboration with a partner benefits not only LEGIC and our partner, but also end customers who enjoy state-of-the-art security technology that neither of us could have achieved alone,” said Christoph Beckenbauer, General Manager at LEGIC, “Highly secure solutions involve multiple complex disciplines, from managed cryptography, to cloud services to secure semiconductors. In the end, it is the human-machine interaction in real-world environments that puts our efforts to the test. Thanks to phg for challenging us to achieve goals that were only possible to reach together.

OEM product features include class IP 65 protection for rough outdoor environments, biometric fingerprint recognition, customized modules, a wide range of wired and wireless interfaces, and customer logo on the devices. Powered by LEGIC Security Modules with embedded Secure Element, end-users of phg Readers benefit from LEGIC’s Master-Token System-Control authorization management tool which gives them complete sovereignty and control over their own smartcard deployment.

About phg
Intelligent and creative solutions have raised phg to a special rank: the rank of being a company with added value. With approximately 300 employees, we at phg create solutions, products and systems that stand out from the usual through innovative ideas, cost-consciousness and quality. With phg, you will get a partner that fine-tunes solutions with passion and fully convinces in its fields of competence: from the first conceptual thought to the product ready to go into production. Continuity and experience since 1974 - no mere trifle in a market characterized by rapid product cycles and massive thrusts of innovation. And quality is not necessarily more expensive - we will be happy to prove it.


“We are very satisfied with our 30-year cooperation with LEGIC, one of the leading global providers of end-to-end security platforms for smartcard- and smartphone-based access, identification, security, and corporate infrastructure applications. Our robust and highly secure products for touchless identification have evolved and improved with every new generation of LEGIC’s semiconductor and Trusted Service technology. Close contact with LEGIC’s R&D means we always stay at the forefront of security technology, a crucial requirement to maintain leadership in this critical industry.”

Guenter Munk, head of technical sales of phg.

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