Converting to a Smart Lock in one easy step

The BEST Switch™ Tech converts mechanical locks into smartphone-based access based on LEGIC’s Security Platform and the SM-6310.

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Easy migration from mechanical lock to Mobile Access

Most buildings have rooms and areas where access is limited to certain users or user groups. Access is often managed by mechanical locks where key management is time-intensive and costly.Thanks to LEGIC’s compact, programmable Security Module SM-6310 and Trusted Service LEGIC Connect, mechanical locks can now be instantly upgraded to the latest digital mobile technology using the award-winning Switch™ Tech Core by BEST.

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What to know about our partner BEST

Switch™ Tech excels with outstanding product design

The LEGIC Security Platform demonstrates how an existing and widespread mechanical door lock standard can be upgraded to the latest, smartphone-based access technology in no time at all.

The cylinder of the mechanical lock can simply be replaced with a smartphone-enabled version. This offers numerous advantages such as secure authentication via Bluetooth™ or NFC, remote-controlled access control and monitoring.

Our partner BEST from dormakaba Group chose the LEGIC security platform to develop such a system for the North American market. With the newly launched, mobile-enabled Switch™ Core, mechanical locks are easily upgraded to electronic access control. The result is the simple administration of authorizations as well as comprehensive transparency of access history – immediately with just a few clicks via smartphone.

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Our Partner


If there is one word that describes BEST, it's innovation.

Founded on one man's idea, BEST has been a leader for over 100 years because of continued innovation in both product design and manufacturing processes. Our vision for the future is one rooted in improving how security is viewed and experienced daily.

Frank Best invented the first small format interchangeable core and the manufacturing process to make them.  Born from a commitment to find the best possible solution—transformed the lock industry as the foundation for master keying systems.

Innovation is at the core of what we do.  From the products we design, to the way we manufacture them, the installation and service we provide, everything we do is the result of our determination to find a better way to serve the markets and people who use our products.

That same spirit guides our future as well. Entrenched in the foundation laid out all those years ago, BEST is designing and developing the next generation of security products—ones certain to transform how we think about security, just like the interchangeable core did over a century ago. Known for our American craftsmanship and proven performance, BEST solutions and components form the pinnacle of today's toughest mechanical security solutions. 

BEST is proud to be a part of dormakaba Group.

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