No more queueing at the hotel check-in

Guests at the Village Hotels UK now have the option to check-in to a hotel and open their hotel room using their smartphone as a virtual key.

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Innovative collaboration results in mobile access for guests

Mobile access is an innovation that is shaping the future of the hotel industry.

To implement the smartphone-based solution, Swiss-based dormakaba partnered with LEGIC and Village Hotel to implement a fully integrated Mobile Access solution. Based on embedded LEGIC security technology, dormakaba locks implement Bluetooth Low Energy to deliver a seamless, reliable and highly secure guest experience.

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What to know about our partner

“Technological innovation is a core part of our brand DNA - Village Hotels is respected for pushing boundaries to provide a better experience and ultimate convenience to our guests. This new mobile solution has been rolled out across all of our hotels, allowing guests to check-in before they arrive, receive a secure mobile code on their Bluetooth device and go straight to their room - a service that many of our guests value after a long journey.” 

- Jon Davis, Chief Technology Officer for Village Hotels

Keeping you safe during your stay!

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Mobile Hotel Key with LEGIC Connect

During the current COVID pandemic, the virtual key solution also allows guests to benefit from a contactless experience, bypassing crowded situations including check in and check out, the elimination of physical room key, as well as contactless housekeeping requests.

The solution is built on the cloud-based security platform LEGIC Connect which enables the Village Hotels mobile app to communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy with LEGIC security modules which are embedded in the room door lock.

The flexibility of the mobile access solution ensures emerging demand for greater mobile compatibility. Guests can check-in online with their mobile device and use it during their stay as their very own mobile room key.


Benefits for hotel guests:

  • Convenient booking of hotel rooms based on a smartphone app

  • Allows guests to by-pass checking and go directly to their room

  • Acts as secure mobile room key for the duration of a guests’ stay


LEGIC products and services:

  • LEGIC Connect software service

  • LEGIC mobile SDK

  • LEGIC Security Module with Bluetooth Low Energy for contactless communications

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