The first security module from LEGIC that runs your applications

Experience a new level of programmability and application protection with the LEGIC SM-6310 Security Module. As an integral part of the LEGIC Security Platform, the module now makes embedded Secure Element technology available not only for the management of your cryptographic keys, but also for the protection of your entire application.

Modern infrastructure components are facing complex challenges as more and more devices are connected and thereby exposed to new security threats. With more than two decades of experience in developing solutions for security needs in embedded applications, LEGIC can provide significant protection against these threats, benefitting existing as well as new customers operating in a wide range of industries.


Introducing the second member of the LEGIC 6000 series

LEGIC is pleased to announce the release of the all-new Security Module SM-6310 to the market. The module offers 128 KB of programmable flash memory which can be used for hosting and executing your application code. This is referred to as “Custom Code” and is stored within the Secure Element of the SM-6310.  This makes your application effectively inaccessible both electrically and physically to potential attackers and significantly increases the security of your application software by letting it run in a CC-EAL5+ certified secure element.


Secure distribution of Custom Code with the software service LEGIC Connect

In order to further secure your application, not only the security of its execution environment is increased to hardware based security, but also the process of distributing code to the hardware secure module is in itself highly secure. Our Software Service LEGIC Connect allows the generation of Custom Code images and the subsequent secure distribution with LEGIC Orbit Versatile Configuration Packages (VCPs). The firmware can be delivered over-the-air (FOTA) via smartphone or online via your management system to SM-6310s in the field.

Benefit from the features of the new SM-6310

The SM-6310 allows you to design a contactless reader or IoT-device without the need of a dedicated host controller. With minimal size and power consumption, the SM-6310 can be used as both Bluetooth/NFC communication chip as well as microcontroller in small, battery-powered applications. Applications benefit from enhanced security and the possibility to restrict Custom Code execution to modules having dedicated Chip IDs. The module allows you to reduce BOM and energy consumption while directly controlling peripheral ICs via SPI or I2C.

The SM-6310 can also be used in traditional contactless reader designs with a dedicated host controller. In this case, Custom Code can be used for part of your application requiring high security.

Get started with the Custom Code Development Kit DK-6310

To start using the Custom Code feature and designing-in the new SM-6310, a Development Kit, the DK-6310, is available. It contains all the necessary components for the successful development of your individual Custom Code solution.


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