Openness, digital security and power efficiency - New benefits of the LEGIC Security Platform

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd is proud to announce new features provided by its Security Platform. LEGIC Orbit extends to a new device configuration method, and the SM-6300 reader IC has been enhanced with additional BLE connectivity and wake-up functionality.

New secure configuration method for infrastructure components

With the new release, the next generation key and authorization management solution LEGIC Orbit offers a new way of distributing application-specific cryptographic keys as well as configuration data from the LEGIC Trusted Service to any reader or IoT device based on the LEGIC SM-6300 reader IC. Whereas until now the only way to distribute this data was via a configuration app on a smartphone, it is now possible to send it directly from a customer’s management system. Access control readers, sensitive room automation devices as well as connected vehicles can now be provisioned with cryptographic keys and configuration data in a fast, secure, and automated way, using either smartphones or a direct connection from a customer backend. This reduces both cost and sources of error.

Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity

The LEGIC SM-6300 reader IC provides a wide range of communication features within 13.56 MHz RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE. Besides the BLE client role, the new upgrade now provides the BLE server role. Together with Long Term Key (BLE LTK) encryption, this enhanced connectivity allows the easy and secure integration of SM-6300-enabled reader and IoT devices into existing BLE environments. The chip now allows connections to a wider range of third-party BLE devices, including a secure BLE communication from one SM-6300 device to another. In a hotel room, the room controller can now securely interact with several other services, such as lights, climate control and the entertainment system, in order to optimize the guest experience. And SM-6300 based locks equally support RFID smartcards and mobile keys, while the BLE capability also transmits valuable information about the guest’s presence to the hotel room system.

Interesting new opportunities for battery-powered reader and IoT devices

All LEGIC reader ICs are designed to operate within battery-powered devices, and LEGIC continues to invest into saving energy and increasing battery life. To allow the design of even more energy-efficient devices and to support new use cases, the SM-6300 now offers three additional wake-up features: capacitive sensing, I/O level on GPIO and an internal timer. Capacitive sensing allows the detection of a variety of objects, including non-metal ones, so SM-6300 based devices can now be woken up by simply touching them, which consumes only a fraction of the power required for common inductive sensing.



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