Nymi leverages LEGIC security to realize new work paradigm – workers connect contactless and handsfree

The Nymi Connected Worker Platform brings secure handsfree, contactless, and passwordless connectivity to the future-ready workplace

Toronto-based Nymi (www.nymi.com), a creator of a first of its kind connected worker platform, and Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems (www.legic.com), a  leading enabler of contactless security solutions, announce a powerful new wearable integration on the Nymi Connected Worker Platform. The innovative approach unifies workplace connectivity by allowing employees to contactlessly connect and interact securely across physical and digital networks -- even in demanding manufacturing environments.

Based on a LEGIC-developed security applet, the Nymi BandTM is the wearable wristband counterpart that authenticates employees to allow them to connect to the platform. The Nymi Band, named by IDC this year as an innovative wearable, blends biometrics with cryptography, NFC and Bluetooth® to empower employees to go passwordless, contactless, and handsfree at their workplace.

Once activated with fingerprint and heartbeat, employees move seamlessly through their workday across physical and digital environments. The platform manages everything from access to production equipment, terminals, storage, restricted areas, and social distancing alerts all in the power of an employee’s wrist.  Importantly, the Nymi Band is the only wearable designed under Zero Trust security and Privacy by Design principles allowing employees to connect confidently in their workplace.

“Our successful collaboration with LEGIC allowed us to leverage their extensive software expertise in embedded security to develop a beautifully simple, yet powerful solution for a touchless, automated platform that puts employee interests first. People now have a way of connecting securely and easily to their workplace (with biometrics), while having peace of mind that their data is safely stored and in their possession, and not in the cloud or on someone else’s premises,” said Stuart MacLean, Director of Product and Technology at Nymi.

Showing proof of its promise, the Nymi Connected Worker Platform has already been deployed by 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical manufacturers and in 15 countries. Its powerful partnership with LEGIC will accelerate traction in further critical infrastructure sectors.

About Nymi
Nymi, a Toronto-based company, creates a Connected Worker Platform that unifies and enhances workplace connectivity for the digital future. Delivered through its secure wearable, the Nymi BandTM consolidates workplace connectivity onto a platform that unifies the workplace across multiple environments by securing the point at which employee and technology converge. By moving identity to the secure edge, organizations are able to eliminate silos and gain a complete view of their business with new applications enabled exclusively through a connected worker approach. As part of its diverse, global customer base, Nymi serves the world’s largest enterprises with deployments across 15 countries.

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