LEGIC Connect Go - The world of secure mobile credentials is easier than ever

Easily deploy high availability, mobile app-based services without a 24/7 backend.

LEGIC is pleased to announce LEGIC Connect Go, a software service based on LEGIC Connect that enables customers to quickly launch new mobile applications that allow users to request and receive credentials on-demand and around-the-clock.

The always-on service provides an online credential storage with user self-service for any mobile application such as corporate or residential access control, parking or resource sharing. It supports existing smartcard processes and value chains, making it easy to extend smartcard services with a mobile app.

Focus on the user experience and success of your business with LEGIC Connect Go
LEGIC Connect Go enables mobile services to be easily managed by simple software running on a PC. Services benefit from mobile credentials created and uploaded to LEGIC Connect Go in advance. For every credential, a registration key is provided. Customers can then provision or sell the respective registration keys to users as fits their service, e.g., as QR code or deep link via email or SMS. Afterwards, customers can rely on LEGIC Connect Go to automatically and securely deliver the mobile credentials on-demand.

The high-availability service reduces time-to-market, allowing customers to focus on their user-facing mobile app and market launch. It easily and quickly provides credentials without the need-to-know service users in advance – they can serve themselves by requesting credentials 24/7 with a registration key, from anywhere and when they need it.

Bring smartcard services into the mobile world
The workflows and setup of the service follow existing processes and value chains of the smartcard world, allowing customers to keep existing processes intact. It extends smartcard-based solutions into the mobile world, enabling an interactive user interface plus additional smartphone-supported authentication features such as PIN and facial recognition.
If required, all solutions can be enhanced with additional features by migrating to the highly versatile, full-featured service LEGIC Connect.

Get started in the mobile world today by simply using LEGIC Connect Go for on-demand services, either as an initial step or as the perfect fit for your business model.

For details, visit www.legic.com/connect


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