LEGIC advant now available for NXP RFID ICs for small form factor transponders

LEGIC advant file system can now be loaded onto standard NXP MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 and EV3* transponder chips

As 13.56 MHz RFID ID applications migrate to ever smaller form factors such as tags, pens, labels and wearables, operation with extremely small antennas is becoming increasingly important. Such applications require RFID ICs with high antenna input capacitance, a feature supported by specific NXP RFID transponder chips.

For such applications where LEGIC advant® is desired, LEGIC partner AdvanIDe now offers a LEGIC-certified service that loads the advant file system onto standard NXP MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 and EV3* transponder chips. Customers can choose from NXP’s broad RFID IC offering, including different memory sizes (4 up to 32 KB) and input capacitances (up to 70 pF) which are suitable for small/wearable devices.

The NXP ICs can be shipped to AdvanIDe for the process in different packages (MOA4, MOA8 and MOB6). They are then processed and the LEGIC advant file system (FS21) is loaded. This results in a MIFARE DESFire Transponder with 4 KB dedicated to LEGIC advant applications. This transponder can then be used like a standard LEGIC ATC4096-MP311 in the field, while also running applications based on MIFARE DESFire.

Unlike smartcards where the antenna typically covers an area of around 33 cm2, wearable transponders must be compact and sleek for wearing on a person’s wrist, keychain, or in pockets. This reduces the available area for the antenna by a factor of 30 as compared to a smartcards which affects data rates and reading distances. This can be mitigated by either using vicinity transponders (ISO 15693) such as the LEGIC ATC1024-MV110 or proximity transponders (ISO 14443A) with a higher input capacitance of 70 pF as described above.

For more information about upgrading NXP RFID ICs with advant, check out: https://www.advanide.de/new-legic-advant-service/

About AdvanIDe
AdvanIDe – Advanced ID Electronics – is one of the leading semiconductor providers, focused on components for RFID transponders, chip cards and RFID readers and terminals. The company’s products are used in the secure access market for applications including access management and control, automated fare collection and object identification, and secure ID and transactions for eGovernment, M2M, secure authentication, IoT and related uses.


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