Improvements to the OS of the SM-6300 Reader IC

With the OS50 firmware upgrade, several new features have been implemented to make the SM-6300 faster and even more powerful. New filter options in the search for Bluetooth® devices enable the selection of specific devices, energy consumption is significantly reduced. Additionally, the generation of authorization media for the LEGIC Master-Token-System-Control  (MTSC) solution and the creation of LEGIC prime and advant segments on LEGIC smartcards is possible with the new SM-6300init.

Enhanced filtering capabilities for Bluetooth devices in transparent mode

The SEARCH command for LEGIC reader ICs offers an easy and efficient way to communicate with different devices. When using the Bluetooth Low Energy transparent mode of the SM-6300, there is a growing demand for a filtering capability to precisely select a device, as more and more Bluetooth devices are around. With the new OS50, there are now more filter options available, allowing the reader to specifically find Bluetooth Low Energy devices that advertise certain data.

Simultaneous search for Bluetooth Low Energy devices and RFID smartcards

In previous firmware versions the SEARCH command executed sequentially for every technology which cost valuable time in the search for the various ID media and slowed down the opening process noticeably. With the new upgrade, the search for Bluetooth Low Energy devices can be started and continued in the background while simultaneously searching for RFID media.

Because energy consumption is essential

One of the strengths of the SM-6300 reader ICs is their design for use in battery-powered readers or other infrastructure components. Energy consumption is therefore essential and determines whether a solution is successful or not: If a reader design consumes less energy, the battery lasts longer, and maintenance costs are reduced.

LEGIC has already introduced optimizations for energy consumption with enhancements to the sleep mode in September 2019. Since then, a reader can be woken up not just by inductive Wake Up, but also capacitively, with a timer or via GPIO. With the latest OS50 firmware upgrade, the SM-6300 is now also considerably more power-efficient when the IC is active. The improvements not only lead to a further reduction in energy consumption, but also significantly reduce the peaks in current consumption, which opens up new design possibilities.


Generate authorization media and advant or prime segments with the SM-6300init

To allow MTSC users to generate authorization media themselves, LEGIC reader ICs offer corresponding commands to create an authorization medium from a Master-Token blank. Until now, the generation of authorization media as well as the initialization of advant and prime applications on LEGIC smartcards could only be done with the SM-4500.

With the new SM-6300init, these commands are now also supported by the 6000 series. This means that all applications can now be covered with just one design based on the SM-6300init.


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