Distribute your Firmware Over-the-Air

The firmware update OS50 V1.6 allows all 6000 series security modules to receive firmware updates over-the-air via LEGIC Orbit Versatile Configuration Packages (VCP), in addition to the existing updates via host interface.

Security modules require periodic firmware updates to add new features in the field. Until now, LEGIC security modules only supported firmware update via the hardware host interface. For offline devices, this required a physical hardware port built into locks and labor-intensive procedures to apply new firmware. With firmware update OS50 V1.6, updates can now be applied in two ways.

  1. Offline infrastructure: local communication via your smartphone or any Bluetooth device running the latest LEGIC Mobile SDK
  2. Online infrastructure: distribution via your management system

The LEGIC Orbit VCP offers a secure and controllable transport channel for data. This results in a secure and easy solution for distribution of firmware updates Over-the-Air (FOTA), making the LEGIC Security Platform even more secure and trustworthy.

Turn your smartphone into a programming device

With this firmware update, there is no longer a need for dedicated programming devices or a physical interface - any iOS or Android smartphone may now become a programming device. Additionally, updating your offline infrastructure becomes easy and convenient as no physical contact is required. For example, if a hotel needs to have all its locks updated with new firmware, the procedure can be designed to be as easy as opening the door: the task can be executed during regular housekeeping by non-technical staff, as there is no need for a specialist connecting a complex programming device to every lock. This significantly reduces cost and radically simplifies the distribution of improved firmware versions. LEGIC provides new features regularly for its security modules, FOTA represents the most convenient and at the same time most secure way to install these new features into existing infrastructure in the field.


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