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In business and industrial processes, objects such as containers, machines, packaged goods and more must be securely transported by authorized persons or robots.

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Combining UWB Real-Time Locating System with secure transporter authentication

In many business and industrial processes, objects such as containers, components, machines and finished packaged goods must be securely transported by authorized persons or robots from location A to location B.

Ensuring that this process is successfully executed at the right time, at the right place, along the right route, and by the right person or robot is crucial. It is also important to automatically log all movements for quality, reporting, security and auditing purposes.

As many of these processes are carried out in GPS denied areas (indoors), the ZIGPOS RTLS can be implemented using “Ultra-Wideband” (UWB) technology. The wide-bandwidth of UWB means that the signal transit times can be accurately measured as well as easily pass through walls and obstacles and operate in the presence of other radio signals, such as those from mobile phones, WLAN and Bluetooth transmitters.

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What to know about ZIGPOS

Always tracked

Based on robust 500+ MHz UWB radio signals, Dresden-based ZIGPOS has developed an indoor locating system that localizes people and objects in 3 dimensions to within 30 cm. Objects are fitted with a UWB transmitter that is tracked by at least 3 receivers which enables calculation of location based on trilateration*. Object identifier and timestamp are also recorded.

To securely verify that only an authorized person or machine is handling the object, the LEGIC Security Platform has been integrated into the system. The design includes LEGIC’s EAL 5+ certified IoT security module SM-6310 embedded in each ZIGPOS RTLS-enabled object. The contactless modules verify a transporter’s credentials which are stored on the transporters’ RFID tag, smartcard or smartphone. 

Credentials are managed and distributed via LEGIC’s cloud-based Security Platform. Leveraging “Root-of-Trust” for secure management of people interacting with things, the RTLS turns object data and spatial context into secure, actionable information.

Ultra-wideband RTLS positioning

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Guiding objects to the right destination

When an object needs to be moved, for example, the transporter’s RTLS transponder tag or smartcard is verified via “Near-Field Communications” (NFC) by the RTLS-enabled object. LEGIC’s technology enables instant authentication of the transporter, either human or robot, and passes its credentials to the RTLS application. The application authenticates the transporter and communicates to the transporter via an ePaper display the details about when and to what destination the object should be moved, and along which route. Once the object detects movement, a visual and/or audio indicator (green/red light and alarm) confirms whether the correct person or machine is transporting the object.

LEGIC’s Security Platform enables the secure cloud-management of users and credentials via contactless smartcard. This gives the ability to authenticate, track and guide people and robots and their payload to the correct destination.

Features of the ZIGPOS UWB RTLS:

  • Secure Auto-Identification of human or machine transporters based on the LEGIC Security Platform

  • End-to-end (E2E) tracking of goods via RTLS and GPS/GNSS

  • Real-time indoor positioning and tracking to within 30 cm

  • Micro-navigation to help transporters reach their destination

  • Key management and access control to enclosed rooms

  • Geofencing - Detection of when objects enter or leave designated areas

  • Time keeping for flow analysis and throughput measurements

  • Flexible wireless connectivity via UWB, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC

  • Enables over 1 million positions per Li-ion battery charge, rechargeable via micro USB or inductive Qi charging

  • Contact and location history – analysis via positional data based

  • Visual and audible alerts and notifications – Beeper, 2 x LEDs, I/Os

  • Messaging and User Guidance in multiple languages via 2.7-inch e-paper display

  • Contactless ePayment for micro-location services

  • Fall and shock detection

ZIGPOS’ system includes real-time tracking, access control to enclosed rooms, detection of when objects enter or leave designated areas, micro-navigation to help transporters reach their destination, fall and shock detection, as well as full recording of an objects location history. 

For more details visit: www.zigpos.com

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Starting as a spin-off of professors and graduates of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Dresden, going beyond the double-digit number of employees to the first major international customer. ZIGPOS was founded in 2011 by Erik Mademann and Christoph Götze, who are still active in the management today. Since the beginning, the company has grown steadily. In 2013, the first order was placed abroad, and many more followed. Business trips to all parts of the world became our daily business and the team expanded with more and more people. At the end of 2017, the company moved to its current office premises on Räcknitzhöhe. A milestone was reached in 2019 and 2021, when TRUMPF acquired a 50.1% stake in the company. In the meantime, customers from all parts of the world rely on ZIGPOS technology. The engineering team conducts research with international partners in EU projects. From building automation to autonomous driving, highly accurate position and sensor data are generated for smart objects in the IoT world.

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