LEGIC advant and MIFARE DESFire
combined in one chip

ATC4096-MP312 belongs to LEGIC's advant smartcard ICs.

Based on MIFARE DESFire EV2, the new smartcard IC provides 4k bytes for LEGIC advant and 3.3k bytes of memory for DESFire applications.
The chip is compatible with the NXP AppXplorer.
The hardware of the ATC4096-MP312 is certified according to Common Criteria EAL5+ and is recommended for projects with the highest security requirements.

Powerful smartcard ICs

LEGICs advant smartcard ICs offer powerful, reliable and security compliant quality for contactless RFID solutions. LEGICs perfectly coordinated interaction between smartcard IC and reader IC enables fast and seamless integration into a wide variety of applications.

Security & encryption

Smartcard ICs come with pre-configured, confidential key material as a standard and can be customized to meet customer requirements. LEGIC advant uses modern encryption methods and supports with the MTSC (Master-Token System-Control) a unique security and authorization solution with scalable security.

Replacement for hybrid cards

Hybrid cards can be the source of interference, compatibility problems and other inconveniences. Thanks to the combination of LEGIC advant and MIFARE DESFire in one chip, expensive hybrid cards are a thing of the past. The powerful ATC4096-MP312 enables smooth integration in a wide range of multi-technology applications.

Technical data of


RF standard ISO 14443 A
Memory size (Byte) advant 4096 / DESFire 3328
UID (Byte) *** 7
Safe ID Yes
Range ** Up to 11 cm
Key management
(per application)
Master-Token System-Control / NXP AppXplorer / LEGIC Key Service
Data transfer encryption 3DES / AES-128 ****
Data storage encryption
(per application)
AES (128/256 Bit), 3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption
Max. number
of applications *
127 + (n x DESFire AID)
Memory segmentation Dynamic
Application segment size Variable
Data retention (min.) 10 years
EEPROM cycles (min.) 500,000
Baud rate (kbit/s) Up to 424
Delivery form MOB6 Modul, Wafer
Certified hardware platforms CC EAL5+

* Memory size indications are nominal values. The actual max. number of applications depends
   on the memory requirements of applied applications
** The max. reading range depends on the RF standard used, the requirements of national
    spectrum management authorities, reader application, antenna and transponder surroundings
*** Regardless of the platform used
**** Rolling key material pre-installed (for one-time, future modification)