LEGIC smartcard ICs

Choose your own medium

LEGIC advant is a cutting-edge transponder technology consisting of two varieties.

One variety are smartcard ICs for identification media such as smartcards, key rings, watches, etc.
The other one are transponder applets as "virtualized" chips, which can be stored on media such as credit cards or PKI smartcards.
Advant stands for scalable security and is the optimal base for a combination of applications.


Its big range and good encryption makes the ATC256-MV410 an excellent ISO 15693 chip.

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The powerful ATC4096-MP312 contains 8k bytes of memory, with 3.3k bytes of memory reserved for DESFire applications. The chip is compatible with the
NXP AppXplorer and fulfills the highest security requirements.


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The multi-RF smartcard IC with 4k byte memory communicates via ISO 14443 A and the LEGIC RF standard. It enables a flexible migration to LEGIC advant.

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The ATC1024-MV110 with 1k byte memory communicates via ISO 15693 and is the smartcard IC for simple ID solutions at long reading distances.


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The ISO 14443 A smartcard IC with 4k byte memory is certified according to Common Criteria EAL4+ and is therefore ideal for high security requirements.


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The first smartcard IC
on 13,56 MHz with three RF standards
for all types of multi-application.


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LEGIC advant smartcard ICs

For all applications

Advant as chip are classic memory smartcard ICs for smartcards (badges), key fobs, keys and other identification media.

Thanks to the flexible multi-application function, up to 127 applications can be combined.
Advant smartcard ICs are available with different memory sizes and for various ISO standards (ISO 14443, ISO 15693).
Thanks to the multi-RF chip CTC, flexible migration from prime to advant is possible.

LEGIC advant on credit card solutions

Key and ID
on your credit card

Store employee IDs, electronic keys, travel cards and membership cards on a credit card.
LEGIC advant on credit card solutions are software (AFS4096-JP) virtualized smartcard ICs, which operate on storage media such as credit cards and NFC Smartphones. advant on credit card solutions are compatible with all LEGIC OS releases since 2007.


Combination with third-party applications

With advant on credit card solutions, classic LEGIC applications such as access control, time & attendance and cashless payment 
can be combined with third-party applications, for example PC Logon (PKI), credit card payments and electronic travel cards.



Security of LEGIC card-in-card solutions is certified according to Common Criteria
(ISO 15408) EAL4+ by the German Federal Office for information security (BSI).

Download the LEGIC card-in-card EAL4+ certificate

Cost control and efficiency

Advant on credit card solutions are only subject to a charge when used.
This can occur on existing credit cards, as long as they have been prepared accordingly.
In this way, costs are only incurred for identification media which are actively used.
You thus keep all costs under control.


Flexible migration
and scalable security

The multi-RF smartcard IC CTC4096-MM410 is your convenient solution for flexible migration
to LEGIC advant or the implementation of individual security standards for different areas.

The Cross-Standard Transponder Chip (CTC) is in line with the progressive security level of advant (ISO 14443 A), is compatible with the LEGIC RF standard and has a higher reading distance as it also supports ISO 15693.
The CTC4096-MM410 has two memory areas: one for advant segments and one for prime segments.