Custom Code Development Kit DK-6310

Introduction to Custom Code

Low-power IoT Edge Processor with RFID, Bluetooth® and Secure Element

The DK-6310 Custom Code Development Kit supports you in the efficient design of secure, contactless and IoT applications based on the SM-6310 Security Module.

Complete Development System



The Evaluation Board EVB-6310 with USB interface
is based on the SM-6310init Security Module.

Together with the Custom Code Emulator CCE-6000 and documentation,
this kit allows you to design, program and emulate end-devices
based on LEGIC technology. The kit allows you to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the multi-technology SM-6310 Security Module and the LEGIC OS50 commands
  • Develop custom application software for an external host controller, or for the internal secure execution environment (Custom Code)
  • Evaluate hardware-accelerated functions for encrypting, hashing and authenticating

Custom Code Development Kit DK-6310


  • Custom Code Emulator CCE-6000 with CC development board and STM32 Nucleo-64 board
  • Evaluation Board EVB-6310 “Debug” with SM-6310init
  • Evaluation Board EVB-6310 “Release” with SM-6310init
  • LEGIC Master-Token System-Control demonstration set
  • Collection of smartcards (advant, prime, MIFARE®)