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Mobile services such as car and bike sharing, fleet management or an e-charging station network provide new mobility concepts with more efficiency, eco-friendliness and benefit orientation in individual mobility.


Fleet management

Virtual vehicle keys


Public transport


Refueling or recharging



The trend of no longer owning items but using them as required and sharing them with others has been particularly evident in the last few years in car, bike or scooter sharing – a market which is constantly growing.

Security plays a big role for providers as well as users, since vehicle access with a smartcard or a smartphone must ensure that system and data integrity are guaranteed.

However, along with security, comfort functions such as an offline use (e.g. in parking garages or in silent zones) and the user-specific arrangement of vehicle use based on personal needs such as default settings of navigation destinations, seats and radio stations are playing an ever-greater role.

Private sharing, the so-called peer-to-peer sharing, is also becoming more acceptable: while you are not using your own vehicle, you can make it available to others. The vehicles are better used to their capacity, the owner earns money, and everyone has access to a fleet of different vehicles.

Benefits of LEGIC solution for sharing

With LEGIC technology, sharing clients receive dynamic authorizations to use vehicles, and are allowed to drive for the booked period. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart, LEGIC technology enables offline use and, with its flexible design, adapts to the specific application and business model of the service provider.

  • Online and offline use are always guaranteed
  • Sensitive information is managed by hardware-based security
  • Simple extension of a customer-specific mobile app by a dynamic, secure authorization management

Fleet management

Corporate fleets, consisting of passenger cars, trucks or also special-purpose vehicles such as forklifts, cranes or construction machinery, are an important mobility element for companies and often the central basis of business operations.

Vehicles must be used in a flexible way and managed in a transparent manner. Alongside the traditional key, fleet vehicles also integrate the employee’s ID as an access medium and more and more frequently accept the user’s smartphone as a mobile key.

Along with checking the driver’s licence or, in special-purpose vehicles, the training certificate, bookings must show a time stamp, and at most are assigned to a cost center or may also be issued to people outside the business. Together with the smartcard access, the smartphone is also provided for open and flexible systems (or as a second authentication factor) to access fleet vehicles.

Benefits of LEGIC solution for fleet management

LEGIC technology enables the combination of smartcards with a dynamic authorization structure via smartphone together with higher security on both media. LEGIC technology adapts to the individual needs of the system, integrates existing ID populations and enables flexible smartphone access based on the authorization structure of the back-end system.

  • Support of RFID smartcards combined with mobile technologies as a secure second factor for identification or as a fallback solution
  • Flexible access management
  • Security remains within the company

Virtual vehicle keys

Car keys are becoming more and more practical and convenient – today, modern remote keys remain in the driver’s trouser pocket when opening and starting the vehicle.

Transferring these functionalities onto a smartphone makes the driver’s phone the best car key of all times.

Several authorized users, the easy and secure transfer of a key, but also the revocation or the time restriction of driving authorizations and especially the security of the mobile vehicle key pose challenges to system manufacturers.

Benefits of LEGIC solution for virtual vehicle keys

The LEGIC security platform not only provides a convenient mobile car key via Bluetooth Smart, but also integrates NFC or smartcards as backup vehicle access. With LEGIC, a validity can be given, rights can be overwritten or revoked from the vehicle key, and the underlying cryptographic key material can be dynamically managed. LEGIC enables high security standards and allows individual key management, so that the sovereignty over the security system lies with the operator.

  • Authorizations can be made available to and withdrawn from the respective users quickly and easily at any time
  • Secure management and storage of key material thanks to HSM (Hardware Security Module) and SE (Secure Element)

Public transport

Mobility-as-a-service is becoming more and more popular. Standardized tickets for public transport are increasingly being replaced by individual, digital solutions.

Users can identify themselves with their smartphone or their smartcard in each tram, each bus, each metro, each shared bike, each taxi or autonomous vehicle.

An individual profile creation, choosing personal preferences as well as flexible, individual routing become possible by using dynamic login information on smartphones.

Benefits of LEGIC solution for public transport

LEGIC technology not only improves the convenience for users and service providers in these new ecosystems, but also enables a secure processing of individual credentials and allows scope for a gradual migration and the parallel operation of already existing mobile solutions.

  • Seamless integration in systems with existing credentials
  • Support of migration scenarios
  • Secure and flexible solution for implementing customer-specific mobile services with smart devices


Driving into a narrow car park, leaning out of the window to press the ticket button and then passing through the barrier is inconvenient. Furthermore, billing parking spaces on machines or point-of-sale terminals no longer corresponds to the latest state of the art.

With a mobile ticket on the driver’s smartphone, the barrier opens via the mobile app and you can enter and exit in a convenient (hands-free) manner. Combined with a corresponding navigation, individual parking spaces can be booked, and the mobile booking can be redeemed at the car park.

The billing occurs directly via the user’s smartphone. A mobile ticket ensures greater efficiency for users and operators even for a time-limited use of the parking space, e.g. for suppliers or visitors.

Benefits of LEGIC solution for parking

Along with smart access, LEGIC technology enables the secure allocation of parking tickets, allows for different billing methods and provides a flexible platform which is also suitable for public parking spaces.

  • End-to-end security
  • Enables the implementation of secure mobile ID and IoT solutions
  • Secure user identification and seamless integration with mobile applications

Refueling or recharging

New drive systems work with electricity or hydrogen. These vehicles no longer require traditional filling stations, since “fueling” today means: looking for a power socket through the app and charging the car.

Charging stations require a secure, but at the same time open technology to connect different ecosystems to one another. Users can therefore clearly identify themselves and enable a secure end-to-end authentication.

An intelligent charging station and fuel pump infrastructure integrates various user groups through the use of modern smartphone technology and RFID cards. The user is free to choose whether to use the mobile solution or smartcards and can be correctly and unequivocally identified.

Benefits of LEGIC solution for refueling or recharging

LEGIC components also allow you to include offline stations, guarantee data integrity on all components and thus enable secure and efficient management for operators and clients. Provisions such as a standardized ContractID or billing regulations are supported by LEGIC technology.

  • More than 10,000 electric charging stations equipped with LEGIC reader technology
  • Easy integration into various existing systems for access or authorization management

Any application ...

With the LEGIC security platform, combine and manage applications in line with your needs. Up to 127 applications can be stored securely on a smartcard, NFC smartphone or credit card. The system can also be subsequently extended and individual requirements implemented.

Here is a selection of the most commonly used applications based on LEGIC products and services:

Access Control

Adjust the security standard to the relevant business sector and select your identification media and suppliers.


The secure and convenient alternative to cash payment. Choose your payment model.



Follow-me Printing


Time & Attendance

Optimal additions of other applications. Data is protected according to the latest standards.

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