Security Journal Americas, Aug 2023: Beyond Opening Doors (Englisch)

Why hotels are migrating to mobile credentials for secure access.

The era of metal keys, and even keycards, in the hospitality industry will soon be a thing of the past. The emergence of virtual hotel keys based on mobile credentials has ushered in a new wave of technological transformation, introducing not only a fresh, convenient way to access accommodations but also a plethora of added benefits that extend far beyond merely opening doors.

The driving factors are simple: it makes the hotel check-in and check-out experience faster and more convenient for guests, while opening new possibilities for complementary service offerings and interaction between customers and hospitality service providers. Smartphone-based hotel keys provide an interactive platform for hosting service bundles that include room and elevator access, use of in-house spas, parking garage, EV-charging stations, restaurants, casinos, and shops.

In effect, a mobile hotel key is a bi-directional service platform where hotel operators can interact directly with guests in real-time to make their stay more convenient, comfortable, and interesting. It gives hotels the ability to establish and strengthen their brand and relationship with guests, and encourage direct room bookings in the future, instead of through booking agencies who share in a hotel’s margin.

Link to article in the August issue of Security Journal Americas (PDF) or read the magazine online.

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