One card for all applications at seeds specialist KWS

One card for all applications at seeds specialist KWS

Germany-based KWS – the acronym standing for “Kleinwanzlebener Saatzucht” meaning “seed breeding and cultivation”– has been breeding plants from seed for agricultural use for over 160 years. The company is now one of the leading producers of seeds in the world. KWS focusses on supplying modern agriculture with innovative varieties of seed for the production of food and animal feed products as well as regenerative raw materials for use in renewable energy. Approximately 1400 employees work at the company headquarters in Einbeck.

As part of a company-wide infrastructure upgrade, the legacy time & attendance monitoring system at KWS had to be replaced as well as supplemented with an electronic access control as well as ePayment system. One of the project’s main goals was the replacement of physical keys with contactless LEGIC advant ID badges which would also be used for interacting with new applications planned for the future.

Access control for the group headquarters

The company was also seeking a new time & attendance and access control system having an established interface to SAP’s Human Capital Management system (HCM). “We wanted the hardware and software from a single source,” explains Michael Müller, IT Manager at KWS Services Deutschland GmbH. “It was necessary for the system to be user-friendly because we wanted to manage it by ourselves.” KWS also wanted to issue the authorizations and ID cards independently without having to depend on external suppliers. In the end, the company decided on a smartcard solution developed by Kaba (now dormakaba).

Previously, the group headquarters had only a manual locking system. KWS wanted to achieve comprehensive, automated security to secure the external perimeter as well as provide controlled access to the different buildings and facilities. For this reason, a comprehensive concept was developed having ten unique security areas. Following a brief project phase, the changeover to the new system took place. For time & attendance, the Kaba B-COMM ERP sub-system as well as new time & attendance terminals were installed; for access control, the Kaba exos system including new access control hardware was chosen.

“The Kaba system is easy to operate. It offers multiple functionalities as well as analysis options which make our work easier. We want to do as much as we can with this card system.”-  Michael Müller, IT Manager at KWS.

The solution, which consists of 60 terminals and readers as well as 30 digital lock cylinders, worked very well right from the start. Employees now identify themselves with their ID badge upon entering company premises at online access readers located at turnstiles and gates. The access points to the buildings as well as sensitive interior areas such as the S1 laboratories in the secure area as well as the greenhouses are secured with online readers. Further rooms are secured by digital components according to unique security zone definitions.


  • The KWS staff ID badge is used for time & attendance, for access control as well as for ePayment in the canteen.
  • Further applications are planned to follow, such as dispensers for checking-out of equipment
  • Physical handling of keys is eliminated
  • The introduction of the system has paid off in terms of costs, security and efficiency


  • Security Module: LEGIC 4000 series
  • Transponder technology: LEGIC advant


  • Kaba (Reader manufacturer / System integrator; now dormakaba)

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