Locking system for the municipality of Oensingen, Switzerland

It was a milestone for the Swiss district of Oensingen: thanks to the initiative and vision of the local authorities and administration, the municipality decided on the phased adoption of a LEGIC-based electronic locking system to secure all government buildings.

Upgrading an entire municipality from a manual locking system based on physical keys to a contactless one had far-reaching positive effects on all those needing to access government buildings; the first being the elimination of kilos of keyrings. The driving catalyst was the elimination of easily lost or copied mechanical keys and improved, automated access control and management.

One badge instead of twelve keys

With the new solution from LEGIC-partner Siaxma, a small, round badge replaced individual mechanical keys which had previously hung by the dozens on keyrings. “The new locking system can do far more than mechanical keys,” explains Mathias Vogt, the divisional manager of domestic services. “The system enables a new, centrally managed building access control which is a masterpiece of Siaxma innovation”, beams Vogt.

“We no longer actually knew who had which keys.” - Andreas Affolter, Head of Construction, Municipality of Oensingen

With the badge held up to the control panel at building entrances, only doors for which the individual user is authorized for will open. In simple terms, what will be the case for all users and infrastructure is this: The outer perimeter is online, meaning authorizations are managed and applied from a central management system. Internal doors are operated using offline readers where authorizations are read from each user via their badge which was initialized as they entered the perimeter.

Mechanical keys will not be eliminated entirely, as they will still be available for emergency intervention. A locking plan is stored in a central database containing all information about key holders and to which doors they are allowed access. The few mechanical keys that remain are safely stored in a secure electronic key depot.

Benefits for the end-user:

  • Only one ID badge needed for all areas
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Centrally administered user rights according to building, day and time slots
  • Clear responsibilities can be assigned and implemented
  • Immediate change of individual access rights is possible at any time

LEGIC technology in this project:

  • advant smartcard ICs
  • 4000 series security modules

LEGIC partner in this project

Systemintegrator: Siaxma AG

Learn more about Siaxma: www.siaxma.ch


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