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Int'l Security Journal, May 2022: Extending Smartcard Solutions with Mobile Access

LEGIC Connect Go enables providers to quickly launch new mobile services that allow users to request credentials on-demand and around-the-clock.

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Who's guarding access to your access control system?

International Security Journal: When it comes to managing access to buildings, rooms and storage areas, the most vulnerable point of attack is not the access control system itself, it's how the cryptographic keys embedded in readers get there to begin with. Find out how LEGIC's Master-Token…

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Mobile Access Made Easy with LEGIC Connect

International Security Journal, Feb. 2022: Based on a sophisticated security concept, LEGIC Connect is a security enabler for any mobile service.


The Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT devices are especially vulnerable to attack. The key to solving this looming problem lies with the security system that grants and manages device access to users at the network edge. Read LEGIC's article in Security Journal UK.


LEGIC Q&A - Security Middle East

In the run-up to intersec 2022, LEGIC's Business Development Manager Dimitri Straub answers a wide range of questions about LEGIC, our products and services, and the future outlook.

Read the Q&A in Security Middle East Magazine.

Articles & Interviews

LEGIC Connect: what's behind one of our best selling products?

As a leading provider of software services and semiconductors to the global access control markets, LEGIC has developed mature, high-security software and semiconductors that ensure only authorized persons have access to offices, schools, airports, and hotel rooms to name only a few examples. 


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LEGIC neon added to CSSA standard for contactless payment

Universal smartcard standard combined with LEGIC mobile technology extends closed loop ePayment capability to smartphones

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Success Story: How LEGIC's solutions optimize the client's business

LEGIC Connect Go is addressing the growing trend of service providers to enable people to access almost any service via their mobile phones. 

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Security Journal UK: Market Analysis - Going Mobile

Security Journal UK charts the rapid rise of mobile credentials and the benefits provided by the technology.

Articles & Interviews

LEGIC neon added to OSS Association standard

Recognition of LEGIC Connect and the neon mobile security platform standard to accelerate adoption of smartphone-based access control