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Int'l Security Journal, May 2022: Extending Smartcard Solutions with Mobile Access

LEGIC Connect Go enables providers to quickly launch new mobile services that allow users to request credentials on-demand and around-the-clock.

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Global biometric verification company ZKTeco joins the LEGIC partner network

ZKTeco is dedicated to providing biometric solutions to global users of public services, enterprise and personal services.

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Zwipe Access integrated with LEGIC Security Platform to provide end-to-end biometric security

Zwipe, a leading provider of on-card biometric solutions, has partnered with LEGIC Identsystems, one of the leading experts in end-to-end security for smartphone and smartcard-based access and mobility solutions. The partnership will provide end-to-end biometric access control solutions using…

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Third Millennium Launches RXseries® Bluetooth® Mobile Range of High Security Card Readers & Mobile Keys based on LEGIC Connect

Designed in the UK and manufactured by Third Millennium, the new RXseries® Bluetooth® Low Energy card readers with LEGIC Connect offer a multi-technology solution for RFID smartcard as well as smartphone access control and related applications, e.g., time-and-attendance, cashless vending etc. They…

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SwissPass opens doors touchless and securely with LEGIC

Switzerland’s public transport popular travel card now supports services of over a hundred partners in the field of travel, hospitality and leisure.

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LEGIC 在 ISC West 荣获 2022 年 SIA 新产品和解决方案奖

LEGIC Identsystems 被安全行业协会 (SIA) 评为 2022 年 SIA 新产品和解决方案 (NPS) 奖的获奖者,这是与 ISC West 合作颁发的旗舰奖项计划,旨在表彰创新的安防产品、服务和解决方案。

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Who's guarding access to your access control system?

International Security Journal: When it comes to managing access to buildings, rooms and storage areas, the most vulnerable point of attack is not the access control system itself, it's how the cryptographic keys embedded in readers get there to begin with. Find out how LEGIC's Master-Token…

Articles & Interviews

Mobile Access Made Easy with LEGIC Connect

International Security Journal, Feb. 2022: Based on a sophisticated security concept, LEGIC Connect is a security enabler for any mobile service.


The Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT devices are especially vulnerable to attack. The key to solving this looming problem lies with the security system that grants and manages device access to users at the network edge. Read LEGIC's article in Security Journal UK.


LEGIC Q&A - Security Middle East

In the run-up to intersec 2022, LEGIC's Business Development Manager Dimitri Straub answers a wide range of questions about LEGIC, our products and services, and the future outlook.

Read the Q&A in Security Middle East Magazine.