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Security in the world of hotel mobile ID and IoT solutions

We live in times where nothing seems to be safe. Every day, we read about tech hacks, industrial espionage, data thefts and much more in the business world. The well-known statement that there is no absolute security applies to any technology used for security purposes. However, the risk of a…

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STid Electronic Identification - Touch screen "Architect"

STid presents its latest secure reader combining LEGIC technologies with a color touch screen to display a keypad or additional information.

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SMARTRAC Technology Group - ATC-based HF and PRELAMs

RFID market leader SMARTRAC has rounded out its pre-laminate product line PRELAM® with two new inlays based on LEGIC’s ATC256-MV410 and ATC1024-MV010 advant transponder chips. When both products become available on a large scale, SMARTRAC will be offering pre-laminated inlays based on all currently…

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SMART Technologies - LEGIC NFC-Modul AIO

The new multifunctional LEGIC NFC Module AIO from SMART Technologies is an inexpensive RFID module based on the LEGIC 4000 Chipserie, available with 4200, 4200M, 4500 and 4500M LEGIC chips.

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PCS Systemtechnik GmbH - INTUS 5200 time & attendance terminal

The INTUS 5200 time & attendance tracking terminal has compact dimensions but a large 3.5 inch touch display and membrane keypad. It is optionally available with a fully glazed front. The display is also easy to read in bright lighting conditions since the micro-etched surface mini- mizes…

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More storage space at the push of a button

If your basement is too small or too full or the crawl space is too narrow, you need a little bit of “ExtraPlatz” [ExtraRoom] – additional storage space of a different kind, no matter whether it is winter tires, suitcases that you don’t need, skis, or your children’s old Duplos. There are things…

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Vintage meets IoT – a complete success

A few days ago, the Swiss security company LEGIC presented its innovative technology offerings at the embedded world in Nuremberg. As a focus of the appearance, there were two IoT-capable vintage arcade machines, which ensured a high number of visitors.

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MADA Marx Datentechnik GmbH - ID.logon Smart Authentication

ID.logon represents the elegant combination of the physical and logical access control with your LEGIC transponder. This means that you can forget about your PC user password and simply use your current LEGIC chip instead.

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Inepro B.V. - New SCR708 card reader

nepro will launch the DCR / MCR708’s successor: the SCR708. Besides its slimmer exterior and stronger performance, the card reader will come with all the benefits of the previous editions.

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Kaba GmbH – 基于LEGIC SM-4200M的产品

Kaba的考勤跟踪和门禁类产品经过了全面升级,现在所有的RFID读写器都配备了LEGIC SM-4200M读写器芯片。带有这颗芯片的设备支持多种RFID标准,从而成为MRD设备——复合型RFID设备。MRD设备兼容当前的LEGIC/Mifare方案,和现有RFID方案的交互操作成为可能。这种安全理念同时受到Kaba-LEGIC和Kaba-Mifare的支持。