Three hospital sites – one solution: efficient and costumized cloakroom management

For space and administrative reasons, the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen was forced to completely reorganize its cloakroom management system. With a fully integrated, centrally managed and alarm-secured NET.Lock system, GANTNER was able to find an optimum solution to the hospital’s problems.

Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen is one of the biggest hospitals in Switzerland. Situated at three different locations, it is the principal hospital for Eastern Switzerland. An organization of this kind, with a staff team of over 5500 people, faces particular challenges in the area of its cloakroom management systems.

Limited possibilities

An in-house evaluation of the hospital processes revealed that Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen required an additional 500 closets to house the professional clothing of its medical staff. The management of the closets with mechanical locks also led to a huge amount of administrative work. There was also no control of who occupied how many closets and for how long. There was also insufficient space left for new closets.

A unique solution

As part of a variety of new building and extension work, together with the interior design specialists Lista Office LO from Degersheim in Switzerland, GANTNER completely reorganized the closet management system. The concept, which consists of space-saving safes available for long-term reservation and large, temporally limited clothes lockers, is based on a centrally controlled NET.Lock closet locking system with LEGIC technology. Each of the 4500 closets was equipped with an electronic online lock from GANTNER which can be managed, monitored and controlled by PC.

One system – many benefits

The closets have been integrated in the hospital’s existing access control system and are operated with the ex- isting access chip. All of the locks are alarmed. The employees are free to choose their closet and the authoriza- tion has location-spanning validity. Small and space-saving closets can be locked by the user on a permanent basis. These have the same function as permanently assigned personal closets. However, if no activity occurs at a closet that has been occupied for a long time, this is flagged up in the system. The large closets are only available for the duration of a single working day. They are not available for permanent use. The locks offer intuitive and language independent operation due to their color LED and acoustic signaling systems.

“We were looking for a modern, flexible and extendible cloakroom management system at the hospital. In this respect, our key priority was on ensuring straightforward, central management, sufficient security arrangements, language-independent and intuitive use and an attractive design.”

Susanne Wick, Project Manager for the Interior Space and Design Department at Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen

Benefits for the end-user:

  • Decentralized control and management of the system by computer
  • Integration in the existing access control system due to GAT Relaxx software
  • Real time overview of closet use and analysis reports at the click of a mouse
  • Break-in alarm system on the computer system and at the closet
  • Design freedom and security against vandalism

LEGIC products and services:

  • 2000 series reader ICs

LEGIC Partner in this project:

  • GANTNER Electronic GmbH (Reader manufacturer / System integrator)