The leading provider of hotel locking systems in Asia becomes LEGIC partner

MIWA LOCK CO., LTD. is a lock manufacturer and system integrator dedicated to fulfilling the highest security requirements and customer’s needs. MIWA, with their ALV2 Electronic hotel locks, provide high-performance door locking solutions and have now added secure mobile room keys to their product offering by using LEGIC’s SM-6300 reader IC and mobile service LEGIC Connect.

MIWA has designed a new electronic hotel lock with LEGIC’s multi-standard SM-6300 reader IC. The latter works with RFID, NFC and BLE and is therefore suitable for short and long reading distances. The integration of LEGIC Connect into MIWA’s keycard management system enables among others a “straight to the room” option and therewith increased convenience for the hotel guests.

Mobile room keys
Today, many people who book hotel stays wish to use mobile room keys. Therefore, MIWA and LEGIC have teamed up to provide the three components needed for mobile hotel keys using Bluetooth Low Energy technology: a multi-standard door lock with LEGIC’s SM-6300, the mobile service LEGIC Connect for secure mobile key deployments and a hotel app based on LEGIC’s Mobile Software Development Kit.

About MIWA
MIWA LOCK CO., LTD. was founded in 1945 with headquarters in Tokyo Japan, US operations in Irvine, CA, and distribution throughout the world.  MIWA is a family owned business employing approximately 1500 people. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001certified and has made an environmental commitment and is therefore reducing its CO2 emissions permanently.

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