Number of LEGIC Connect users rises by 1.3 million in just six months

In November 2018, LEGIC’s software service Connect crossed the magic threshold of 1 million users. Only six months later, LEGIC Connect has reached a new milestone, chalking up 2.3 million users. This growth underscores the importance of mobile identification media and is an indicator of LEGIC Connect’s immense popularity and market success.

Over two million people across the globe now use LEGIC Connect, benefiting from its simple and secure method for distributing virtual keys. It’s a compelling system, taking only a few seconds to assign or withdraw access or usage authorizations for a wide variety of applications without having to use a physical media. It is a centrally managed, global service that is available at all times. Whether used in corporate access, hospitality, mobility, IoT or any other application areas, LEGIC Connect enables trendsetting, highly flexible service models worldwide.

LEGIC Connect is a 24/7 software service comprising the LEGIC Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) and the LEGIC Trusted Service. It boasts high levels of security and ease of integration. Any kind of mobile authorization data are encrypted and sent to smart devices. With genuine end-to-end security between the back-end system and the reader, LEGIC Connect has a security mechanism that is unrivaled in the world.
The mobile authorization data is encrypted in the LEGIC Trusted Service. No critical keys are stored in the customer’s app, with the mobile SDK alone ensuring secure communications with the LEGIC Trusted Service and the LEGIC reader IC. The latter decrypts the mobile authorization data, and the user obtains the access rights for the respective desired application. Proven cryptographic security mechanisms are used in redundant hardware security modules to ensure reliable security.

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