More storage space at the push of a button

If your basement is too small or too full or the crawl space is too narrow, you need a little bit of “ExtraPlatz” [ExtraRoom] – additional storage space of a different kind, no matter whether it is winter tires, suitcases that you don’t need, skis, or your children’s old Duplos. There are things that you don’t need every day and can stash outside of your own four walls. Acquiring additional storage space from ExtraPlatz is easy and quick: book the extra space online, pay for it and, with a smartphone app from dormakaba and LEGIC, you can open the door to the additional storage space in just two seconds.

"So far, there hasn’t been anything like ExtraPlatz in Switzerland yet," recounts Hans-Peter Zutt, the founder and inventor of ExtraPlatz. His vision is the following: additional storage space that takes advantage of the benefits of mobile communication, storing things quickly and easily – and all of that at reasonable prices.

Thanks to LEGIC and dormakaba, the solution could smoothly be integrated into the ExtraPlatz system. An app that is based on the LEGIC software development kit and was developed together with dormakaba serves as the key to open the storage area. You register yourself on the ExtraPlatz web site, download the app, verify your cell phone number via LEGIC’s Trusted Service LEGIC Connect, and you’ve already got the authorization to enter your additional storage space. Because the key is saved directly on your smartphone and not stored anywhere, you have access to your "ExtraPlatz" 24/7. The app can also be shared with someone, so that you can give additional family members access to your space, for example.

"We looked for the perfect solution for a long time. The clever solution from dormakaba and LEGIC then won us over. Security was planned in from the very beginning – in every detail!” explains Hans-Peter Zutt. At ExtraPlatz, the same security standards are used as in online banking. Data security is extremely important, he explains. Furthermore, the whole thing is absolutely transparent. Reserving online, checking in, registering, booking, and immediately opening it with your own cell phone and stashing belongings. If you don't need your “ExtraPlatz” any more, you can cancel it any time with just seven days’ notice. It is an extremely well thought-out, accomplished, and successful project!