LEGIC partners with any2any to offer secure mobile solutions

any2any is offering mobile services to enterprises and co-working space providers. They operate a cloud-based solution enabling secure and dynamic access to spaces. Configured to match the dynamic security needs of companies, building owners, and space providers, LEGIC and any2any have entered an official partnership. The aim is to further the use of LEGIC technology in enterprises and the flexible shared space market.

any2any welcomes the opportunity to partner and integrate LEGIC into their mobile applications as trusted access and authentication are key enablers to enterprise customers. any2any’s ability to combine different use cases and interact with different LEGIC OEM partners has increased their ability to create seamless experiences for their customers e.g. visitor experiences that combine branded visitor management, with parking, booking of conference rooms & desks, and vending opportunities.

“LEGIC enables us to offer a great range of experiences that allow our customers to take greater responsibility of their experience ecosystem, leveraging existing technology that they trust, and on-boarding new services that ultimately improve the experiences of their employees, partners, and customers”, tells Allan Chester, CEO any2any. He continues: “The LEGIC technology is helping us to unlock the availability to services and space, making them accessible, authenticated and secure. Together we are matching the demands for dynamically configuring the security and space needs for companies, building owners and space providers. In addition, we are increasing the opportunity for secure transactions to be done in those spaces, saving minutes for our users to do something better with their time.”

any2any is a cloud-based enterprise experience platform whose passion revolves around using technology to improve the human experience. Since 2015, they have been growing rapidly delivering to large enterprises technologies and services that remove ‘frictions’, save minutes, and improve the individual experience.

any2any translate any technology, any service into secure connected experiences with out-of-the-box solutions that include a unique visitor management solution, canteen services, liquid access, parking solutions, and a working solution offering for flexible co-working environments. All delivered via mobile applications, or web-based applications.

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