Launch of LEGIC Orbit - the next level of key and authorization management

LEGIC Orbit is the latest generation of a high-level key and authorization management solution and secures customer applications such as mobile ID and messaging from infrastructure components to back-end systems. It is the perfect choice for a secure creation, secure storage and secure distribution of cryptographic application keys. You can use it, wherever data integrity matters.

Do you need a secure, convenient, instant and worldwide distribution of application keys, configuration data and much more? Thanks to LEGIC Orbit, you can generate user-specific application keys which are never visible to anybody, and easily distribute them over the air.

Secure key storage and flexible distribution
Cryptographic keys are the central element for secure ID solutions and IoT projects and must be well protected. With LEGIC Orbit, the randomly generated application keys are always stored securely and are available at any time.
LEGIC Orbit enables the distribution of cryptographic keys over the air to all your readers, so that they are ready for mobile ID and messaging applications. The LEGIC reader ICs contain a Secure Element to store the application keys. This is end-to-end security at its best.

Full system control
The new key and authorization management solution allows full control over all applications in a mobile environment. You just define the required security level of your system and use as many different keys as necessary, and then freely assign the right to configure readers to any trusted person on site. You benefit from a state-of-the art security mechanism provided by LEGIC. This saves you valuable time to concentrate on your application design.

How to use LEGIC Orbit
To profit from the outstanding LEGIC Orbit advantages, you only need a LEGIC Connect account and compatible LEGIC reader ICs. LEGIC Orbit is already supported by these components. Contact our staff at LEGIC for more details.


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