Celebrating 10 years LEGIC SM-4200 by adding mobile connectivity and improved smartcard security

10 years after its market release in March 2011, we once again improved our best-selling security module through a firmware upgrade. With support for connectivity with iOS and Android devices over NFC and the latest DESFire communication standards, we are proud to provide added value for your reader designs as well as existing infrastructure in the field. We stand by our promise to protect your investments in our security platform. Happy birthday, SM-4200.

Every SM-4200 can be “Mobile ID ready”
The cost-free firmware upgrade connects the SM-4200 with the world of mobile ID via Near Field Communication (NFC). This enables your existing and deployed readers to support popular applications based on Apple Wallet (e.g. student ID) as well as hundreds of apps for secure access, contactless interaction and cashless payment developed for Android based devices.

Upgrade to the next level of smartcard security
With the new firmware, the SM-4200 also supports the DESFire EV2 secure messaging mode, making SM-4200 based reader devices compatible with the latest NXP MIFARE DESFire smartcards on the market while opening up new opportunities.

We are committed to your investment
LEGIC’s continuous product upgrades are at the core of our product philosophy, delivering extended product lifetime to your solutions and existing installations. This helps you to save costs and enables a more sustainable use of hardware installations.

Making a new design?
For your new reader designs, we recommend our 6000 series security modules. They support all the features of the 4000 series security modules while enabling the next level of security and connectivity, thanks to a revolutionary system-in-package-design with an integrated secure element, Bluetooth® communications, programmable memory to run your applications and full LEGIC Connect support.

For more information about the SM-4200 firmware version 4.6, check the Product Change Notification or contact any of our experts.