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We offer you two channels to purchase our products:
Either directly as a LEGIC partner or through AdvanIDe, our worldwide distributor.
We offer these two channels to provide you with the best conditions for your business.

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AdvanIDe is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors and operates with six logistic centers and 14 business locations across the globe.

The AdvanIDe service staff can proudly look back on over 20 years of experience in the industry and is happy to assist you with technical and design-in support. Furthermore, there are experienced field application engineers (FAEs) standing by at strategic locations to support LEGIC customers everywhere.

Purchase our products via AdvanIDe.


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LEGIC's partner program

ID Network

As a LEGIC Partner you have access to all LEGIC solutions and products.

Furthermore, we attach a great deal of importance to provide optimal support to our partners in the ID Network. We provide several services as elements of the LEGIC partnership and support LEGIC license partners in developing and marketing LEGIC products: FAE services,  Engineering service, Extranet services and Marketing services.

Get more details about the LEGIC Partner program on our ID Network page.


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Smartcard ICs

You can purchase our smartcard ICs at AdvanIDe or as LEGIC Partner.


较长的读距和出色的加密机制使其成为迄今最佳的ISO 15693智能卡芯片。作为一颗ISO 15693芯片,ATC256-MV410达到了此前只有在ISO 14443A芯片上才能达到的安全等级




这颗4K Byte内存容量的ISO 14443智能卡芯片,得到了Common Criteria EAL4+认证,安全性极佳



世界首颗同时兼容13.56 MHz频道3种RF标准的智能卡芯片,满足各种复合应用的需求




这颗ISO 15693智能卡芯片具备1K Byte内存和较长的读距(数据传输速率相应较低),适用于多种低复杂度的ID方案



这颗4K Byte容量的多标准兼容智能卡芯片,可通过ISO 14443和LEGIC RF标准进行通信,从而实现从LEGIC prime到LEGIC advant的平滑过渡



Development Tools

You can purchase our development tools at AdvanIDe or as LEGIC Partner.


You can purchase our Master Token System Control as LEGIC Partner.

entry MTSC

You can purchase our entryMTSC at AdvanIDe and as LEGIC Partner.

LEGIC Connect

You can purchase our Software Service as LEGIC Partner.

LEGIC Connect


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