Using one employee ID card for all functions and locations

138,300 employees working at around 230 sites in 40 countries receive uniform employee ID cards, which enable cross-site use for e.g. access and ePayment.

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Standardized access and ePayment at ZF Friedrichshafen

At ZF, previous employee ID cards were different at every location in terms of technology, programming and design. ZF wanted to strengthen the company’s identity and bring the different locations together under a unified ID technology, initially in Germany and subsequently across all worldwide locations. The uniform group ID card would have a technical basis which enables the use of employee ID functions across all company locations for functions such as access control and ePayment.

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One Card for Everything

ZF decided for its’ own operator license to implement their in-house employee ID card system. The main reasons were to achieve independence from external vendors, the use of a successful, existing standard for access, time & attendance, and ePayment functionality, and trust in LEGIC’s Master-Token System-Control (MTSC), an authorization management system which gives ZF full control of their employee ID card management.

LEGIC technology was already in use at several key ZF loca­tions and was accepted as a well-estab­lished provider of security technology. Thanks to LEGIC and MTSC, ZF is now able to independently define data structures on their employee ID cards and determine the specific func­tionalities that are associated with each employee. These include, for example, (offline) access control to company rooms and buildings, time & attendance management, restaurant ePayment and secure printing. Furthermore, ZF can also use hardware products provided by different manufacturers without sacrificing control over their own security.

Support from Blaser Consulting

With the gain in control that has been achieved, security tasks are not executed by external manufacturers any­more, but in-house at ZF. To be able to handle the complex nature of these tasks, ZF was supported by the LEGIC certified consulting firm Blaser Consulting.

The “ZF ID Card” project team put the different functions and systems at the Friedrichshafen location through a comprehensive test. First of all, a lab test was completed with 26 employees for which an ID medium and accompanying technology were defined. For the subsequent field test, 395 new CTC ID cards (embedded with a LEGIC multi-standard transponder chip) were issued containing both the new and the old tech­nology. All of the functional tests proved successful. As a result of this successful trial, around 10,000 ID cards were rolled out at the Friedrichshafen location, with more locations to follow.


Benefits for the User

  • Control of the security and function of the own system

  • Independence from manufacturer

  • Support from LEGIC certified consultants

LEGIC Products & Services

  • Transponder: CTC ID cards based on LEGIC advant

  • 4000 series security modules

  • LEGIC Master-Token System-Control (MTSC) Key and Authorization Management system


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