YSoft MFX Mobile Reader – Secure, contactless authentication thanks to LEGIC Connect Go

Founded in 2000 in the Czech Republic, Y Soft is a global provider of intelligent enterprise office solutions. The company’s print management platform, YSoft SAFEQ, is used by a global set of customers to aid in reducing print infrastructure and overall print services costs.

A key feature of YSoft SAFEQ is secure access to printers through contactless identity authentication. Using contactless readers to authenticate staff is a convenient feature which is becoming increasingly important to most customers.

Leveraging smartphones for increased convenience and security
As security is a top concern for Y Soft and mobility is increasingly desired by customers, Y Soft sought to develop a way for smartphones to replace traditional ID cards. The smartphone has the inherent advantage of being able to provide a second layer of security – only the owner knows the PIN or can provide biometric data to unlock the phone.

At the same time, the COVID pandemic introduced a new area of demand: hygiene and eliminating the need for users to touch the printer to authenticate and retrieve print jobs. The smartphone coupled with a smart phone reader would provide the answer. YSoft MFX Mobile Reader™ is the resulting solution.

Watch a 2.30-minute video about the Y Soft MFX mobile reader:

Deploying mobile credentials with LEGIC Connect Go
Y Soft turned to LEGIC to for assistance for the automated distribution of mobile credentials, the first layer of security. Working with LEGIC’s mobile security platform, LEGIC Connect Go, Y Soft was able to develop a smartphone app, YSoft Mobile Connect™ (Android, iOS) which uses a 24/7 high-availability service backend for credential distribution provided by LEGIC. Coupled with a reader that supports Bluetoothâ and NFC, the YSoft MFX Mobile Reader™ provides the accuracy, security, hygiene, and mobility that customers require.

With LEGIC Connect Go, Y Soft partner resellers can grant or sell registration keys (YSoft Connect ID™) to users via PIN, QR or bar code. LEGIC Connect Go automatically delivers mobile credentials linked to the registration keys on-demand. The high-availability service is available 24/7 and can deliver credentials whenever and wherever authorized end-users request them.

With YSoft MFX Mobile Readers embedded with the LEGIC SM-6300 Security Module, employees and visitors can be instantly authorized to securely print documents at the printer of their choice using only an iOS or Android smartphone-app.

Smartphone and smartcard compatibility
An additional benefit is that because the MFX Mobile Reader can use either a smartphone or traditional badges for authentication, the same reader can be adapted to fit and work with many different printer manufacturer’s brands and their various models. This radically reduces the number of different readers Y Soft needs to design, manufacture and stock.

Providing a one-stop shop for print management solutions
Y Soft is unique in developing both the print management platform (software) and the reader verification system (hardware). The company manufactures the hardware in its headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic. Customers are assured that both software and hardware work seamlessly together and are fully supported by a single supplier. Y Soft readers can also be used on print management systems from other vendors.

For more information about the YSoft MFX Mobile Reader, visit www.ysoft.com/mfxmobile

For more information about LEGIC Connect Go, visit www.legic.com/connect


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