Unified Print Environment at PricewaterhouseCoopers

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC) is the leading consulting and auditing firm in Germany, with around 9,000 employees. It provides consulting services in three business areas in 28 locations in Germany. The role of the office system’s efficiency and productivity in the company’s everyday operations is just as important as the security of highly sensitive customer data. The multi-functional employee ID cards based on LEGIC advant control the office workflow throughout the company for a wide range of enterprise applications.

For printing, the Q PILOT® printing and output management system controls PwC’s companywide print environment and encrypts data communication and storage end-to-end using the highest level of security. The employee ID cards based on the LEGIC Security Platform serves as a gateway for secure access to the system.

    Unified printing environment

    As part of the process to modernize the office system, PwC’s printing environment was streamlined, and local printers were replaced with multi-functional printers. As the control center for the entire printing environment and printing, e-mail, fax, photocopying and scanning processes, Schomäcker Card Solutions installed the Q PILOT® print and output management system.

    Centralized control

    Regardless of the location and depending on functional role allocation, administrators control and supervise the printing environment via the web-based interface. The Q PILOT®  system monitors the multi-purpose printers and card readers across the entire network and calculates the costs for individual services, allocates them to the cost centers, and exports usage data for further analyses.

    End-to-end encryption

    At the heart of the office printing solution is end-to-end encryption of all printing, e-mail, fax, copying and scanning processes. Whether consisting of data transfers between the employee ID cards and card readers, or clearance of printing jobs on a multi-functional printer, all communication channels and interfaces are encrypted end-to-end to provide effective protection from data thieves. The employee ID card based on the LEGIC Security Platform serves as a gateway for secure access to the system. To thwart possible attacks, the integrated certificate management verifies the authenticity of the addressee and the recipient when sending e-mails, scans or faxes.

    Benefits for the end-user

    • Central administration of the printing environment via a web-based interface
    • Enhanced document security thanks to end-to-end encryption
    • Unified company-wide printing environment with cost allocation and control

    “We are very satisfied with the partnership, the way our requirements have been taken into account and the new print service. The solution has been well accepted by our employees.”

    Burkhard Schütte, Chief Information Officer at PwC

    LEGIC products & services

    • Security module: 4000 series
    • Transponder IC: LEGIC advant

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