To secure access to data

The LEGIC SM-4200 is the component of the 4000 series reader ICs for RFID standard readers.
This reader IC provides the functionality for the main objective – to secure access to data.

The 4000 series supports all common RF standards and pro­vides the correct interface for the used RF technology. The compact size and simple design­ in enable the use in many applications. The patented wake-up and the low power consumption make the 4000 series reader ICs the right choice for battery-powered applications.


Case: ÖKK Insurances

The single chip solution for

All applications

  • Compatible with LEGIC advant and prime as well as third-party smartcards
  • Supports all common RFID standards
  • Suitable for battery-powered readers thanks to wake-up function

Technical data of


RFID ISO 14443 A + B
ISO 15693
LEGIC RF standard
Inside Secure *
Sony Felica **
RFID security elements Master-Token System-Control
Mutual authentication
NXP key diversification
AES 128/256 Bit, 3DES, DES, LEGIC encoding
Energy saving options Stop mode: typically 3 μA
Watch mode with RFID based wake-up: typically 20 μA
NFC peer-to-peer ISO 18092 ***
Host interface UART with 38,400 or 115,200 baud (RS232 timing)
SPI slave mode 1 or mode 3
Authentication and encryption (optional)
Firmware download Yes
Compatible transponder LEGIC advant ATC/CTC
LEGIC advant on credit card
LEGIC advant on mobile
LEGIC prime
Read and write authorisation for third party transponders Yes ****
MIFARE and DESFire smartcard ICs

* Reads the unique ID (UID/CSN) of Inside Secure based technology, such as HID iClass
** Encoding is not integrated
*** ISO 18092 Passive Peer-to-Peer Mode - Initiator, NFC Tags 2, 3, 4 ot integrated
**** only SM-4200M version

Evaluation Kit

Turn your ideas into reality

LEGIC reader ICs provide a high degree of flexibility and a unique range of functions:

They can be integrated into versatile of applications and offers easy access to various identification media.
The reader ICs are designed for use with LEGIC advant transponder technology and support commen third party trasponders, such as MIFARE.


Get your EK-4000

  • Evaluation of the LEGIC 4000 series
  • Introduction to the 4000 series instruction set
  • Design examples of battery-operated offline and online readers
  • Access to the unique LEGIC Master-Token System-Control
  • Access to the use of advant an MIFARE transponders, and the associated encoding protocols