LEGIC reader ICs

The solution
for all applications

LEGIC reader ICs are compatible with all common RF standards, NFC and BLE.
Their compact design and their low energy consumption makes them the perfect choice for all kind of ID solutions.

4000 series


for standard readers.
Provides the functionality for the main
objective — to secure access to data.

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for the initialization of applications on credentials. Supports all relevant, passive RFID standards.

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with Bluetooth Smart.
Secure identification with multi-
technology reader chipset.

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6000 series


with certified secure element.
Reads all globally relevant RFID standards and is compatible with smart devices.

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Evaluation Kit

Turn your ideas into reality

LEGIC reader ICs provide a high degree of flexibility and a unique range of functions:

They can be integrated into versatile of applications and offer easy access to various, also mobile, identification media.
The reader ICs are designed for use with LEGIC advant and prime and support third-party transponders, such as MIFARE or HID iCLASS.


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  • Evaluation of the LEGIC 4000 or 6000 series
  • Introduction to the 4000 or 6000 series instruction set
  • Design examples of battery-operated and line-powered readers
  • Access to the unique LEGIC Master-Token System-Control
  • Use of LEGIC prime and advant smartcards, as well as MIFARE Classic and DESFire
  • Access to HID iCLASS smartcards
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy


with all globally relevant smartcard ICs

The 4000 or 6000 series reader ICs are not only compatible with LEGIC advant and prime, but also with MIFARE and HID iCLASS smartcards.

The LEGIC reader ICs support all RF standards, such as ISO 14443 A+B, ISO 15693, LEGIC RF and Inside Secure.


Ready for Near Field Communication

The reader ICs are suitable for use in Near Field Communications applications. LEGIC’s solutions for combined ID, advant on mobile and advant on credit card, are fully integrated.

The use of an ID device in the form of a credit card or mobile device is just as easy as using a conventional contactless smart card.


of investment

An investment in LEGIC Reader ICs is an investment into the future. The operating system can be updated in the field.

Operators and manufacturers benefit from regular updates enhancing the functionality and ensuring compatibility with new technology.


Simplicity newly defined

LEGIC Configurator Hardware CHW-4000 is a modern and practical USB
desktop reader for all processes in connection with LEGIC transponder chips.

In addition, it can read, write and personalize the most commonly used third-party identification media (MIFARE).


Development Tools


  • Initialization and personalization of LEGIC transponder chips
  • Reading, writing and personalization of third-party ID media
  • Analysis of identification media
  • Creation of Master Tokens
  • Supports standards ISO 14443, ISO 15693, NFC and prime RF

Antenna Designer


The Antenna Designer is a world unique, web-based tool for designing and dimensioning 13.56 MHz printed circuit board antennas for readers - exclusively for license partners.

Master-Token System-Control

Security and control
in your hands

The patented LEGIC Master-Token System-Control is a unique security concept.
Instead of protecting administrative rights in an ID system with unstable passwords, security is linked to a special, physical smartcard.
The owner of a Master-Token has control of an installation and is independent.


Take control