The LEGIC technology platform

Enabling smarter access.

LEGIC's mission is to automate and optimize a convenient connection between your things and your users
to create a unique, secure experience with added values, by providing sophisticated solution components.

Your Users

Employees, students, hotel
guests, citizens, everybody

Your Things

Rooms, cars, coffee machines,
everything that can be automated

How do you enable an automated, trusted and convenient connection
between the users and the things of your service?


Smartcard ICs and software kits for
identification media such as smartcards,
key rings, smartphones, watches, etc.

Smartcard ICs

Our Trusted Service is an SaaS
solution, which can be used as a security
enabler for any mobile service model.

Trusted Service

The Master-Token System-Control is
a unique security concept with which you
have independent installation control.

Authorization Management

Compact design and low energy
consumption makes our reader ICs the
perfect choice for all kind of ID solutions.

Reader ICs

Consulting Services

How can we help you with an individual solution based on
our best practice knowledge, custom-tailored to your needs?


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