LEGIC Connect

Enabling mobile
service security

With LEGIC Connect, a new generation of service is available:
Mobile credentials can be brought onto smart devices – at the touch of a button.
LEGIC Connect is the most cost-effective way to secure mobile services using smart devices.

End-to-end management for

Mobile applications

LEGIC Connect is a unique service for the creation and instant deployment of mobile credentials on smart devices.

Mobile services like mobile access, sharing economy, mobile payment or identification serve new individual or corporate concepts for our daily life. Those concepts all address the increasing need for efficiency and individuality – all by integrating any user simply via an app download.

LEGIC Connect is a unique, mobile service for the secure creation and instant deployment of virtual credentials onto smart devices. It is a security enabler for any of those mobile services and addresses their current and future need for security against hacker attacks or cybercrime.

All this already works with many existing system infrastructures. With LEGIC Connect, a smartphone or smartwatch can become anything - a door opener, train ticket, time & attendance tracker, car key and much more – today all the rights of a contactless card or any other kind of virtual credential can be brought onto smart devices.

End-to-end security

Link your mobile users
to your things

Mobile services based on smart devices as user interface are quickly and successfully integrated anywhere. All of them share three important, but difficult challenges:

of "things" (and credentials)

... might be the most important issue when it comes to mobile service providers and is crucial when connecting users via smart devices to sensitive assets.

Fully automated
business models

... rely on 24/7 real-time processing of credentials. They require dynamic changes in business logic and need seamless integration of an unlimited number of users.

& transparency

... via analytics at any customer touchpoint bring business knowledge and is the key to today’s and future service success due to verified and reliable transaction based data.

Perfect match of...


Security is crucial when it comes to personal and business data.
Integrity, meaning that data must never be modified in the whole processing, is very important. Any change must be authorized, transparent and understandable. With its sophisticated end-to-end security, LEGIC Connect is the perfect choice for all services where security matters.

...and convenience

Convenience is one of the most important customer needs.
Personalization, such as the choice between iOS and Android or the possibility of integrating a second factor of authentication such as PIN and/or fingerprint, is of high importance for providers and users. Service processes are facilitated and open in respect of technology and user interface. A 24x7 availability completes a convenient mobile service. LEGIC’s trusted service Connect covers all these features to simplify your mobile business models.

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Since the beginning, we have built up wide-ranging experience in a variety of branches and environments.
We have specific strengths in the following areas:


All application areas

Integration of security concept for

Convenient usage

LEGIC Connect is a SaaS solution, which can be used as a security enabler for any mobile service model:

LEGIC’s offering combines standardized basic components, which can be integrated into any mobile business model.

By directly interfacing with your mobile business model, LEGIC’s solution serves as the easiest connection of users, things and the respective service business logics.

LEGIC’s concept offers highest individual security standards and so protects you against the increasing threat of hacker attacks.

Thanks to LEGIC Connect, customer specific data packages are transferred securely. Hence, interaction is not limited to a predefined set of commands.

LEGIC’s technology platform allows customers to combine RFID or NFC-HCE and BLE technology on the same eco-system or upgrade their business model with one or the other.

LEGIC Connect

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and the creation and instant deployment of ID cards on mobile phones.


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