Safe and Secure Food Production at Südzucker, Germany

With over 20 thousand employees, Mannheim-based Südzucker AG (“South Sugar” corporation) is the largest sugar producer in Europe with 29 factories and three refineries. But Südzucker is much more than just sugar. With its other specialties, CropEnergies and fruit segments, Südzucker is one of the leading companies in the food industry. 

To ensure safe and secure production, the company decided to introduce a modern, company-wide system for employee access control, time and attendance, and operating data management. In addition to access control, the corporate card should also be usable at company ePayment terminals such as coffee machines.

After thorough vetting of available solutions, the company decided on a system which operates based on a  single medium for employee identification: the LEGIC advant corporate ID card.

Company control through SAP

Südzucker had previously implemented an SAP enterprise resource planning system to manage its corporate processes. For the new access applications, the company searched for an international solution provider who could offer global support for maintenance and support, and one that offered a certified interface to their existing SAP-Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

The ultimate decision was in favour of Kaba (now dormakaba). “Kaba was the only company which could offer everything from a single source,” explains Frank Trinks, the project manager at Südzucker. “In addition, Kaba products are always backward-compatible and are therefore a safe investment.”

The appealing B-web 9340 time-management terminal impressed because it is easy to operate, adapt and install. The management procedure was also evaluated. Biometric verification with contactless RFID interaction was also required. As Südzucker also wanted to implement ePayment functionality, the latest and secure RFID technology based on LEGIC advant-based smartcards and 4000 series Security Modules was selected by Kaba.

Extensive security concept developed

The time and operating data management system was first introduced at the company’s sites at Mannheim and Zeitz. Access control then followed. Initially, the entire area was secured with a fence and secured entrances to the premises; devices such as turnstiles and rotating barriers ensured access security. Certain employees and suppliers were also permitted to drive onto the premises meaning drivers and vehicles had to be securely identified based on a long-range wireless solution.

Entry to the buildings and sensitive internal areas are secured with online card readers. Kaba exos is used to manage authorizations. A time-dependent authorization profile is allocated to each employee which determines which areas he or she may enter and when. Rights are contactlessly stored one each employee’s ID card. This guarantees security and dynamically defines exactly who is allowed to access what location, and when. The whole system now works flawlessly and employees enjoy a new level of user friendliness.

“We now have a modern time management system, which reports data seamlessly to our SAP management system. Our access system now provides the necessary security to achieve IFS 6 certification. We only need a single medium, the employee ID card, to support a wide range of applications. This was well-received among our employees. The solution works flawlessly.” - Frank Trinks, Project Manager at Südzucker




  • A standardized system for all company sites
  • Only one ID medium controls all functions
  • Optimal integration into the company’s pre-existing SAP system
  • Certification achieved in accordance with IFS Food V6


  • Security Module: 4000 series
  • Transponder technology: LEGIC advant


  • Kaba (Reader manufacturer / System integrator; now dormakaba)

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