rf IDEAS launches world’s smallest LEGIC advant/prime reader

US-based rf IDEAS, a leading provider of credential readers for logical access and authentication have developed the world’s smallest advant/prime badge reader, the WAVE ID Nano with LEGIC.

With dimensions 2.2 cm × 1.6 cm × 1.9 cm, the Nano is a compact authentication solution perfect for single sign-on (SSO), time and attendance, training, POS terminals, and secure printing across healthcare, government, manufacturing, and enterprise sectors.

It is especially attractive for first responders and public service professionals, allowing them to  use their portable devices securely while complying with organizational guidelines for authentication, identification, and authorized access.

The WAVE ID Nano contains an embedded LEGIC security module which supports all relevant RFID standards. Its compact size and patented wake-up circuitry make it an optimal choice for all kinds of small-profile, battery powered security applications.

“As security requirements for IT equipment increase, user authentication based on vulnerable passwords alone is becoming obsolete,” said Tod Besse, SVP, Global Sales and Marketing at RF ideas, “By providing a compact, LEGIC-compatible smartcard reader that plugs into any USB-A port, the Nano adds an instant layer of secure authentication to IT equipment and portable computing devices. A user can easily access IT devices with a simple wave of an authorized badge.”

The reader delivers all the features of full-size desktop and surface mount badge / transponder readers in an ultra-compact USB-A format. That means the WAVE ID Nano reader protects information by restricting access to IT equipment to authorized users. Its small size also allows employees to move freely around their work environment with their notebooks or tablets. The WAVE ID Nano is durably designed to reduce physical interference and prevent breakage thanks to its negligible size and profile.

The WAVE ID Nano easily integrates into existing contactless smartcard systems and provides up to four badge/card configurations. It is compatible with systems running Windows or Linux.

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rf IDEAS, Inc. is a leader in logical access solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, government, education and enterprise. The company’s WAVE ID® readers (formerly pcProx®) are trusted by users across the globe and backed by strong partnerships with leading identity access management providers. rf IDEAS readers enable innovative solutions for single sign-on, secure printing, attendance tracking and mobile authentication while supporting nearly all credentials worldwide.

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