Regiobank: Security, but discreetly please

We all assume, in fact expect, that a bank should be secure. This can present a major challenge for banks; customers need to feel secure while visiting a branch, while at the same time not feel uncomfortable with the sophisticated security equipment that surrounds them. They definitely should not have the feeling of being watched.

It all began with videos

The Swiss company Siaxma has had a long-standing business relationship with Regiobank Solothurn. All the bank’s branches have Siaxma’s video surveillance equipment installed which are managed via a computer at the company’s Solothurn headquarters where the data is analyzed as well.

As access control systems were gradually added to Regiobank’s branches, there was the opportunity for the first time to install a completely digital system. This included access control, door management, video surveillance, burglar alarm system and alarm management – all managed from a single location. This was a key requirement of Regiobank.

Far fewer keys

Digital access control has a major advantage for all users: they can enter all the buildings and rooms they have authorization for with just one badge. These badges are issued and managed at the Regiobank’s headquarters. Mechanical keys have thus largely disappeared from everyday business at the bank’s branch locations. With the new system, an administrator can remotely change or modify the access rights from the comfort of their workstation.

The vault is the “client”

How do customers get to their deposit boxes now? Keys are also a thing of the past here. Regiobank customers report to the desk where a bank employee then electronically authorizes them with access to the vault for one day. Using their personal badge, they can now use the lift to the basement, on their own or accompanied, and open their safety deposit box. So that Regionbank doesn’t have to release and pay for hundreds of licenses, management of the vault is treated like a single client. This means only one license is required for as many users as they need.

“Our most important requirements for security installations were met with simplicity and discretion.” - Albert Thommen, Member of executive and safety officer, Siaxma AG

Advantages for the end user:

  • Centralized administration with customized issuing of rights by user, building, day and time
  • One system for all locations
  • Clear responsibilities are assigned
  • Traceability

LEGIC technology in this project:

  • advant smartcard ICs
  • 4000 series security modules

LEGIC partner in this project (System integrator):

Siaxma AG

Learn more about Siaxma:

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Smartcard ICs

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Smartcard ICs

Security Modules

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Security Modules

Application areas

The LEGIC Security Platform is used in a wide range of application areas requiring automated high-security such as Enterprise access control, Industrial IoT, Mobility and Smart City applications.